The property auction aborted!


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I was very disappointed at the way the administrator of the Estate Robert Marren, Solicitor, Mullingar, dealt with the auction of the property the auction aborted and the purchasers did not proceed with the purchase.

The entire lands were offered for sale by public auction on the 22nd of February 2013. The dwelling house and out houses and a small plot surrounding same was excluded from the sale by agreement, having regard to my right of residence therein. There were no bidders at the auction other than Ann Sanford and Myself. My sister Eileen and I pooled our resources and I bid up to €xx0,000 for the farm but ultimately stopped bidding at that figure as I could not afford to go any further and Ann Sanford topped it with a bid of €xx5,000 and was left with the farm at that price.

It would appear that the price which Messrs. Sanford & O’Keeffe agreed to pay to purchase the lands was a gross overvaluation of the lands having regard to the nature, quality and condition of the lands at the time of purchase on 22nd of February, 2013. It would appear that Messrs. Sanford & O’Keeffe had some misgivings about the matter after the auction in that Mrs. O’Keeffe telephoned me in or about the beginning of May, 2013 advising me that the lands were to be put up for sale and I was to have first option to purchase same. However, this did not take place and instead, it would appear that Messrs. Sanford & O.Keeffe got the reaming of the next of kin, namely Theresa Harte, and the Duffy family to disclaim/release their shares in the deceased’s Estate to them, so that effectively, allowances were made for them to simply buy out my sister Eileen’s and my share in the property at the value of the property as determined at the Auction. Mr. Marren, Solicitor, Mullingar was reluctant to resolve the issue in isolation to the rest of the Estate although he had the monies in his possession on 27th of May, 2013.





Sign the petition

Please Support Michael Gavin Elderly 83 Year Old Irish Farmer by Signing Petition


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