Letter to Law Society of Ireland 26-07-2015

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Tony Watson                                                                                                   Dundonnell,

Solicitor,                                                                                                          Taughmaconnell,

Deputy Head of Complaints                                                                           Co. Roscommon.

and Client Relations Section

Date 26-07-2015

Ref: 22942/L/19/7

Ref: 22943/L/19/7

Dear Mr. Watson,

I am writing to inform you that over the weekend I was informed from an activist via social media that Willie Penrose TD BL stated he had not received his payment from Robert Marren, Solicitor, Mullingar. I was also informed that he stated “He did not give a sh.. about my campaign to seek justice in the matter”

Please find attached the previous letters I sent you in relation to my complaints.

“Complaint No 6

My sixth complaint is based on Mr. Marrens response to my sixth question to him on 13-04-2015

My sixth question to you on 13-04-2015 was

I would like a breakdown of how the figure of €40,892.53 representing fees paid to Robert Marren & Co. were arrived at. Similarly I would like a breakdown of fees paid to Catherine O’Connor, Tony McLynn (Solicitor for the other side), Willie Penrose, (why was it necessary to get his advices). Please advise me of any outstanding bills, has John Glynn, Hogan & Co. been paid to date, and if not why not.

And Mr. Marren’s Response

William Penrose B.L. advices were sought in relation to the sale of lands.

My Objection to his response was

I am also still intrigued to know what advices William Penrose B.L. had in relation to the sale of lands that cost the Estate €1,230, and have a good mind to question him individually also on his fee. Mr. Marren to date has not provided details or invoice copy of William Penrose’s bill.”

 So it begs the question was Willie Penrose paid and if he was I am entitled to be furnished with an invoice and explanation of what advice he offered.

In the alternative if what Mr. Willie Penrose states is true that he was not paid, then how come Mr. Marren, Solicitor is permitted to charge the Estate of my late brother Patrick Gavin €1230 for advice? I would strongly urge you again to reinvestigate this matter.

Here again we appear to have another example of Mr. Roberts Marren’s reluctance to pay. This is reminiscent of the manner in which he dealt with paying out our 1/6 share from the sale of the Estate lands. Here again despite our persistent requests Mr. Robert Marren refused to pay out same until finalising the distribution during the Christmas period 2014-2015, WITHOUT ADDRESSING OUR OBJECTIONS, and it appears he did same to avoid paying our 1/6 share of the land from auction in isolation to the rest of the estate, notwithstanding the fact that the moneys for same were in Mr. Marren’s possession nearly 2 years previously. He has yet to provide a reasonable explanation of why he did not “bite the bullet” and pay over the full amount when Mr. Robert Marren received the funds way back on 27th of May 2013. Please also refer to my previous letter to you dated 11/07/2015 pointing out the fact that Mr. Marren refuses to pay John Glynn, Solicitor, Patrick Hogan & Co. until we stop threatening him as he puts it by reporting him to the Law Society of Ireland.

We do not consider our reporting Mr. Robert Marren, Solicitor, Mullingar to the Law Society a threat. We have every right to seek justice for the unjust and unfair way we have been dealt with and taken advantage of considering our age (83), by Mr. Robert Marren the administrator and the beneficiaries of the Estate to the extent that it constitutes ELDER ABUSE.

We have not received a response to the letter dated 01-07-2015, and I would assume that your office is still investigating our complaints in regard to Mr. Robert Marren, Solicitor, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath Ref: 22942/L/19/7 and Mr. Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors, Athlone, Co. Westmeath Ref: 2943/L/19/7.

My sister Eileen received a call to her mobile phone last week from the private no of Ms Carol Ann Casey Adjudicator, requesting permission to adjudicate the matter. Eileen and I are unsure as to how her mobile no was obtained or what adjudicating the matter will achieve.

My sister Eileen was recently informed by a Solicitor in Athlone that he would not act on our behalf because Robert Marren was the son in law of a prominent retired Solicitor, who was handing over chairmanship of certain clubs and societies too. He advise us to go east or west but not around the midlands.

With that in mind we would appreciate if the Law Society of Ireland could suggest an ethical solicitor that would be prepared to write up a grounding affidavit against Mr. Robert Marren, Solicitor, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath and a separate grounding affidavit against Mr. Tony Henry, Tormeys Solicitor, Athlone, Co. Westmeath for the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

We both feel that a grave injustice has been dealt to us not to mention the Bully Boy tactics and ELDER ABUSE we received and we intend to pursue the matter VIGOROUSLY until same is undone.

We believe it’s high time that Marren and Henry hang up their boots as they forced me to do mine. We feel that an inadequate professional service has been provided by Mr. Robert Marren, Solicitor, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath and Mr. Tony Henry, Tormeys Solicitor, Athlone, Co. Westmeath and it is not of a quality that could reasonably be expected of Solicitors.

Your Faithfully

Michael Gavin






Please Support Michael Gavin Elderly 83 Year Old Irish Farmer by Signing Petition

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