Charlie Flanagan Minister for Justice Ireland IGNORES Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse


Charlie Flanagan Minister for Justice Ireland IGNORES Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse

Why does Charlie Flanagan Minister for Justice Ireland IGNORES Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse?

Rt @CharlieFlanagan Very Disappointing #CharlieFlanagan why do you and #LawSocIreland cover up for #Corrupt #Greedy #Solicitors Abusing their professional positions. We will continually expose this #injustice Far and Wide.
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Good Man #CharlieFlanagan now how about a Commission of Investigation into All #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse cases. Becoming an epidemic in #Ireland. I sincerely hope you and your office will STOP ignoring this festering problem!

RT Why does #CharlieFlanagan #DeptJusticeIRL & #LawSocIreland Ignore #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse??? Shame on #RobertBMarren #PeterDJones #TonyWatson #LindaKirwan #TonyHenry #TormeysSolicitors #TonyMcLynn & more Read Listen

What about #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse #CharlieFlanagan what do you intend to do with that Reality?

@CharlieFlanagan what are you going to do about the #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse its epidemic on the island of #Ireland #CharlieFlanagan. The #LawSocietyofIreland are not fit for purpose to regulate their own. NOT GOING AWAY EVER! Sign Petition

Why does #CharlieFlanagan and the rest in the #Dail Ignore #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse as in the case of @MichaelGavin83 RIP ROBBED by #RobertBMarren #Solicitor #Mullingar, Threatened by #PeterDJones #PenaltyPoints Watch … Read

RT #CharlieFlanagan Who regulates the #Justice system? The #LawSocietyofIreland are not fit for purpose, they protect their own. Ignore #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse all you want, we will expose you far & Wide #Media Read

RT Good Man #CharlieFlanagan and who’s going to regulate the #Greedy #Solicitors NOT #TonyWatson NOT #LindaKirwan at the NOT fit for purpose #LawSocietyofIreland? Financial #ElderAbuse is an epidemic in #Ireland But you Already Know That don’t you @CharlieFlanagan

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Yes to #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse also #CharlieFlanagan

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Kathleen o Keefe and Anne Sanford Instigators of Financial Elder Abuse


After listening to a recording of the telephone conversation #KathleenOKeefe had with the man from Cork I wish to state the following in response.

You state to a stranger that my nephew came back after many years while your brother (Pat Gavin) who owned the farm was still alive and your brother was dead within 7 months.

Have you reported this to the Garda #Fraud Squad and if not why not? Did you not in fact say to the Garda Fraud Squad that my nephew Michael cared for your 2 brothers when you were making your statement?

You go on to say that this is all greed on our part. You state that you and the rest of the family wanted to leave the farm to me without any interference but that I wanted my good friend and parish priest Father Sean to sit down with us. What is wrong with that? You Kathleen retaliated by sending that good Holy Man a BULLY BOY solicitors letter from (one of your many solicitors) Toher Solicitors Cork a letter telling Him to mind his own business did you not you Bully.

You also stated that my nephew sent an email in your name Kathleen O’Keefe to a very vulnerable person with nasty stuff in it. That sound serious and should be reported to Garda Fraud Squad.

Why does my nephew exposing Injustice and Financial #ElderAbuse I have suffered harass you Kathleen O’Keefe? My book recounts the true facts of what transpired and haven’t we the right to share that experience in an effort to prevent the same devilish deeds occurring again.

You state numerous times through the recording I heard that my sister Eileen and my nephews motives are based on greed. Now if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. What have they or I gained to date from this saga as a result of your #Greed, Kathleen O’Keefe.

You maintain the reason #AnneSanford 31 Atwood Street #Wellesley #Massachuetts, USA bid at the land auction is because ye were maddened by the fact that my nephew Michael spoke up for me and requested that no one bid against me. Well actually for your record it was Father Neylon who suggested that I do that and on account of me being nervous my Nephew stood up with me and spoke on my behalf.

You state that you are left with the fall out of Anne Sanford placing the winning bid which was unfortunate, at bidding over the odds at the auction, that you are out of pocket embarrassed; you didn’t want it in the first place and had nothing to do with the distribution that was done independently.

Independently alright under your clear instructions to Robert B Marren, my objections were not entertained.
John Glynn of Patrick Hogan and Co. our family solicitor for generations suggested that you Kathleen O’Keefe were the one making the bullets for Anne Sanford to fire and I believe this to be true.

You also make an issue that Marren was appointed by our side. Actually he was suggested by the Barrister, that was with Eileen and I and agreed by your side based on the fact that none of us knew Robert B Marren prior. You and your sister Anne Sanford got a special summons through your solicitor #TonyMcLynn Athlone in an attempt to sell the roof over my head and put me out on the street knowing full well that I had the right to live there for the rest of my days and now attempt to maintained that I am brain washed by those who stood and stand beside me to this day.

Who paid for those 3 days in the high court, ye didn’t ever show up the first day, sick with embarrassment no doubt. Who minded the animals for the 3 days? there was no deduction made to cover that cost of that man. In fact you and your devious spiteful sister Anne Sanford Wellesley USA (not mine but John Glynn solicitors words) would stop at nothing in squandering the Estate assets.

How do you maintain you are out of pocket when you and Sanford walked away with a FREE farm of land and nearly €40,000 and a further €10,000 a year in grants for lands that you never use as none of ye has any interest in farming.

How can you truthfully say that we were mad for Solicitorsand mad for barristers but don’t want to pay for it?

We had one and only one solicitor John Glynn who was quite capable of administrating the estate. How many did you involve that we know about? First there was John Glynn whom ye attempted to intimidate with a tape recorder and then reported the honourable man to the law society, who advised him to step aside.

t&n+front (1)

Then ye got Tony McLynn Solicitor Athlone who maintained I was intermingling in our late brothers estate. A bit rich considering I was eventually tricked into minding the estate animals for near on 10 years with not a copper for my time or expense in looking after the animals.
Then according to a letter from Tony Watson at Law Society of Ireland ye were the clients of Robert B Marren, which might explain why Tony Mc Lynn was paid in full a year prior to Marren closing.

Lets not forget Toher your Cork solicitor you Kathleen O’Keefe hired to attack Fr. Neylon.
As regards payments we had no say in who got paid what.

It was a high court order that McLynn and John Glynn be paid by Your Solicitor Robber Marren. However Marren refused to pay John Glynn based on your objections I suspect.

As for Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone he failed to undertake the instructions given him to prevent your solicitor (the solicitor for the estate) Robert Marren closing in isolation to my well found objections, so no fee was charged there.

The two Solicitors at the Law Society of Ireland namely Tony Watson and Linda Kirwan, are not fit for purpose, Watson threatened to block my emails after I highlighted that no invoice was provided for Willie Penrose TD BL and questioned whether in fact he was paid.

Although Kirwan did inform us that it is against the law Marren not to provide a bill of costs. Who will enforce their law has yet to be determined!
So by all accounts it was you Kathleen O’Keefe that was mad for Solicitors and mad for barristers but did not want to pay for it. You are the one who “LOVES ALL THIS” as you put it.

Exposing the truth is not bullying tactics, the truth prevails at all times.

You say there would be no problem if your brother Patrick made a will but he didn’t, well I know what he would have wanted and so do you.
You say you paid well over the odds for the piece of land on the day of the auction and that you are very annoyed well who’s fault is that only your own. I offered to compensate you and the beneficiaries verbally and in writing countless times for the farm but you refused to entertain my wishes. Instead you bulldozed ahead defaming characters and squandering the estate assets of our late brother on legal fees. Our late brother had no time for solicitors so why did you encourage that.

You say you care for me your brother no matter what, what after what you have done.

Take a look at yourself your own siblings, those of Anne Sanford’s and those you permit to occupy the lands I farmed all my life, and remove the splinter from your own eyes before conducting further character assignations on those that genuinely care for me.

Why did you require a lease prepared by a Solicitor if you are the honest trust wordy person you claim to be that wouldn’t do anybody out of anything? That was a 10 year standard leases you tricked me into signing and I had to go to the expense of getting my family solicitor the one you reported to the law Society to write a number of letters to your solicitor tony mclynn to make necessary changes. Your lease was only for 1 year with a condition that required me to “plough and reseed” poor quality lands that were never ploughed before, you exclude the hay shed and cattle crush making out that you wanted them for storage, what storage none of ye ever set foot on the place since, and regardless how was I supposed to test my animals as required.

Your solicitor Tony McLynn finally made the necessary changes and apologied to me in writing for the errors he made under his clients instructions. There was no mention of covering the necessary solicitor costs I incurred though. Yet again you attempted to take advantage of my good nature. No right minded farmer would ever consider accepting the terms you proposed.

That lease covered a period prior to Marren closing the property and thereby facilitated same. Although the cattle I lease the land of you to care for were my own and not the estates your solicitor followed your clear instructions and deducted €3,700 from me and a further €3,700 from Eileen and as you well know your sister never owned any stock. Regardless you made a fool of me again.Who would willingly lease lands to mind another’s animals?

I also heard you say that your intention was to allow me farm the lands in peace for the rest of my days. Why then did you write to me a number of months prior to the one year lease expiring and request that I vacate the land as you had other plans and would NOT be renewing the one year lease? I often wonder do you play the same tricks with the Meyers family who lease the better quality lands down the fields or do you just allow them in for FREE to spite me. Normal people would avoid using land involved in a family dispute but not them, not that Pat RIP or I ever had much time for them and their carry on.

You also say that by law your solicitor marren has to keep MY HOME in his name until such time as it needs to be distributed and it can never be distributed because my brother has a home there, that’s his home, we made sure it was left like that.


No Kathleen O’Keefe you and Anne Sanford took me to the High Court for 3 days as mentioned above in an attempt to sell my home that I have a right to live in per our fathers will for the rest of my days. You made out that it would not be possible to sell the farm lands without my home. Only for Judge Mary Laffoy I would be completely homeless now all thanks to you. Why can’t you accept the truth of your actions and stop continually blaming others for your own misgivings.

As far as I am concerned now that your solicitor under your clear instructions has finished robbing me of my grants and fair share from the farm auction he needs to put the House and gardens in the beneficiaries names with the stipulation that I have the right to remain living here as per our fathers will. The only reason he keeps his name on the house is to insure another pull of money down the road which will amount to the value of the property if the solicitors have their way.

In the conversation you consistently belittle and defame the character of my nephew making out that he’s on the dole, which he is not. Who are you to speculate, after all social welfare supported your husband and family for many a year when ye returned from London with one arm longer that the other. Did not our sister Eileen, myself and other members of your family lend you Kathleen O’Keefe a substantial amount of money to help you buy a shop in Cork, not to mention the rental houses our deceased sister Teresa bought and paid you to manage. I went to work at 14 years of age under our fathers name to help feed the rest of ye and fund your education in boarding school, and this is how you repay me! Not as much as a Christmas card to your deceased Mother after all she did for you.

You make out its our fault that the family is at logger heads and that’s why no one comes to visit me anymore. Well who caused it only yourself not that any of ye ever came to visit much prior to our brother Pats death RIP.

You admit you paid over the odds for the farm at auction yet you Kathleen O’Keefe with your sister Anne Sanford came to me numerous times prior to closing and attempted to convince me to buy the farm of you at your over the odds price, that you trapped yourself into. Then instead of using your own money you convinced you Solicitor Robert Marren to follow your clear instructions to use the grant money paid down from the department of agriculture to pay me my share. You Kathleen O’Keefe and Anne Sanford lied to me countless times saying that you would contribute toward the cost of buying silage and nuts to feed the cattle that ye reaped a share of the gross profits from.

Finally you told me that it would be sorted out at closing and it was and I was left out of pocket over €116,000 for the 9 years I spent working for nothing funded by my own savings and old pension. My sister and I were also shorted €12,500 each plus interest from our share of the land sale and another €7,500 was deducted from us for cattle I owned and was leasing the lands to house. Tony Henry the solicitor who we attempted to engage to take this matter before the courts failed to undertake his instructions and therefore you and your solicitor Robber Marren was able to follow your clear instructions unchallenged. That is the truth of what transpired.


The department of agriculture grants are to feed the farm animals and not the greedy solicitors and the beneficiaries of the estate that do nothing except cause trouble and squander the estate assets as far as I am concerned.
Have a Nice Day!

Michael Gavin

Gardai Attempted to Interrogate Elderly Michael Gavin RIP

Gardai Attempted to Interrogate Elderly Michael Gavin RIP

On Friday the 20th of May a local Garda and Roscommon detective called to Mike Gavin’s Home, Dundonnell Taughmaconnell.

They were told Mikie was gone to Mullingar (Protest). They said they wanted to see Mikie re the Fraud “Thing”.

They called back the next day despite the fact that Mike’s sister Eileen called them and told them that they were sending their Fraud file to Dublin when it was complete.

They came regardless and told Mike’s sister it had nothing to do with her and they wanted to see Mike Gavin.

Mike’s sister locked the door and told them repeatedly out the window to go away and leave them alone and eventually they did.

3 Gardai returned the following Wednesday and got Mike home alone. Mike Gavin describes here what happened.

Instead of investigating…/0B76Txx-4LOStTzgyS1p4MHNIcWM/view

Gardai Attempted to Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin in his home


Minister Frances Fitzgerald Ignores Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse Why


Minister’s Reference 0531102449

Date 08/03/2017

Dear Minister Fitzgerald,

In response to your recent email dated 3rd March 2017, relating to the correspondence I emailed to your office dated June 10th 2016 I wish to state the following.
I appreciate the fact that you requested a Garda report to fully address my concerns, and fully trained investigators have since investigated the allegations I made and referred a file to the Director of Prosecutions (DPP).

However this further squandering of Tax Payers money could all have been avoided;

If Sean O Fearghail Ceann Comhairle allowed Clare Daly TD to question you Tanaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality re the legal grounds upon which members of An Garda Siochana in County Roscommon entered my home on 20th May 2016.

The written reason given to Clare Daly TD was “The question is not in order as it requires an interpretation of the law and relates not to a policy issue but to an individual case which is an operational one for An Garda Siochana. Begs the question who ordered this Garda operation bearing in mind that you Minister Fitzgerald requested a Garda report after you received my correspondence dated 10th June 2016.

If Robert B Marren Solicitor had performed his duties as appointed by Judge Mary Laffoy to administer the Estate of my Late Brother Patrick Gavin. Marren followed the clear instructions of the other beneficiaries, as stated by Tony Watson Solicitor Law Society of Ireland.

If Robert B Marren had not deprived me the right to have my well-founded objections brought before a Judge. Marren confiscated the Department of Agriculture grants, so I was tricked into working for nothing for over 9 years minding farm animals. My widowed sister and I were also shorted €12,500 plus interest from the sale of the lands at auction, not to mention money that was deducted from my sister for cattle she never owned any cattle in her life.

If Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone had undertaken the written and verbal instructions given him though another solicitor to take proceedings against Marren and make him go before a Judge to address my valid objections instead of playing GOD in the matter.

If Tony Watson Law Society of Ireland had reprimanded Marren and Henry. Instead Watson threatened to block my email correspondence when I questioned whether Willie Penrose TD was paid for his opinion. No invoice to date has being provided for Penrose although the estate of my late Brother was charged. I very much doubt Penrose had much if anything to say for himself to the trained fraud investigator who questioned him.

If Peter D. Jones Westmeath State Solicitor (minus his penalty points) had responded to the correspondence on behalf of his client Robert B Marren. Jones threatened me not to peaceful protest outside his client Marren’s office. Coincidentally the Garda Fraud squad missed getting me home the first time they called unannounced as I was already on the road to peaceful assembly protest outside Marren and Jones offices in Mullingar.

If Linda Kirwan Solicitor from the Society of Ireland fit her purpose and reprimanded Penalty Points Jones State Solicitor for failing to answer the 20 questions I posed to him in regard to his client Robert B Marren’s administration of my late brother’s estate. Kirwan although she did send literature stating that by law a solicitor must provide a bill of costs to his client, she fails to enforce this law.

While I do understand that you as Tanaiste have no role in the investigation, prosecution or trail, I find it difficult to appreciate how the State funded Director of Prosecutions (DPP) can be considered an independent body.

Francis Fitzgerald Protest

Although I have no background or understanding of the common or statute laws that the DPP will use to base their decision on. I do understand what the old people meant when they said “The Law is as straight as a door jamb, it’s those that implements it thats crooked.” No man has a right to blaggard another the way them solicitors named above did me.

In the event that the DPP does not prosecute and bearing in mind the fact that solicitors generally refuse to challenge each other in cases such as mine.

What course of action is available to prevent Financial Elder Abuse??

Michael Gavin