Judge accuses absent solicitor of contempt

Judge accuses absent solicitor Gearoid Geraghty of contempt



ONE of the most respected solicitors in the West has been accused by a judge of contempt of court.

Judge Gerard Haughton is to state a case to the High Court after accusing defence solicitor Gearoid Geraghty of blatant disregard and disrespect to the court.

In exchanges at the conclusion of the case involving two Galway women who were charged with making false statements and wasting Garda time, senior counsel Martin Giblin, on behalf of Mr Geraghty, rejected the judge’s contention that his client’s conduct amounted to contempt of court.

Mr Giblin said he took grave exception to the judge’s comments and Mr Geraghty would be answering the judges unfounded allegations at his trial.

When the matter was raised, solicitor Brian Lynch of the Galway Bar Association advised the judge that he was keeping a watching brief.

An annoyed Judge Haughton had strongly criticised Mr Geraghty at the opening of the trial when it emerged that he was seeking an adjournment of the case through a colleague. Solicitor Sean O’Carroll had advised the judge that, as Mr Geraghty was engaged in a Circuit Court trial in Dundalk, he was unable to be present.

The judge pointed out that the case had been specially fixed and gardai had refused Mr Geraghty’s request for an adjournment. In addition, all witnesses were present and, in his view, there was prima facie evidence that Mr Geraghty’s conduct amounted to contempt of court.

He also threatened to issue a warrant for his arrest if he did not appear before him to explain.

Mr Geraghty travelled from Dundalk on Wednesday afternoon to attend in person and explain the reason for his absence. But when Mr Geraghty began, the judge interjected, saying: “My view is that you’re in contempt and I’ll deal with it by way of criminal charge tomorrow.”

At the conclusion of the case yesterday, the judge said that his hands had been completely tied by Mr Geraghty’s actions.

The time of the court had been wasted and, even though the witnesses were in court, the case could not be heard.

In addition, he had put his clients at risk.

Mr Giblin SC said he took grave exception to the judge’s remarks when he knew nothing of the circumstances involving Mr Geraghty. Judge Haughton said he wished to offer Mr Geraghty an opportunity to give an explanation, otherwise he would state a case to the High Court to see if he had jurisdiction to deal with the contempt issue.

Mr Giblin said he wished to see the case stated beforehand and the matter was listed for November 6.

Brian McDonald


We would be obliged if your office would write a letter of apology to Eileen Linney, Michael Gavin’s Elderly widowed sister and return Michael Gavin’s Case to Council File and Book #FinancialElderAbuse.

Geraghty you are holing Michael Gavin’s Case to Council File and book on Financial #ElderAbuse #RANSOM until your fee of €500 for doing nothing is paid.

Geraghty you did NOT placing charge liens on the properties RN8137F, RN36155F, RN9544F to include the house, old house and the lands that were sold at auction to #AnneSanford and #KathleenOkeefe in Dundonell Taughmanconnell.

Geraghty you did NOT write a strong threatening letter to those currently using the lands #MichaelMyers and #Paddymyers Dundonnell #Taughmaconnell and #LawrenceMcManus Pettigo Donegal to cease from doing as the lands are in dispute and were obtained fraudulently.

Geraghty you did NOT write to the department of Agriculture and instruct them to stop paying out grants on the Farm lands until such time as this matter is sorted.

Geraghty you did NOT Write to Eugene Finneran, the Land registry #Roscommon and the district court and inform them that they do not have permission to sell the house at Dundonnell Taugmaconnell.

All you Geraghty were interested in was Michael Gavin’s will which was none of your concern as it was in the hands of another Solicitor.

You Geraghty need to consider your position very very carefully before dealing with the defamation issue, the truth prevails at all times and all that was shared on social media and published to several sources is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I would strongly encourage you do the right thing before peaceful assembly groups commence to protest outside your office on Society Street, Ballinasloe.

Have a Nice Day.

The Law is as Straight as a Door Jamb,It’s those that implements the Law that’s CROOKED

Who cares whether you consider the letters relevant, Eileen Linney consider it to be relevant and we believe the manner in which her late brother estate was dealt with constitutes Elder Abuse and #FRAUD.

So why did you not do as instructed Geraghty???

This File given to #Garda #Fraud

Pdf of Financial Elder Abuse Book.

#gEAROIDGeraghty you did none of the above NONE and now you refuse to give back documents that it was obvious from your correspondence you did not read.

In fact if we had listened to you Mc Manus may have sold the property by now.

Geraghty you and your office may want to take into consideration that we are not your everyday humble peasant farmers.

Michael Gavin RIP was a founding member of the ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce and involved in numerous other peaceful activist groups. We will leave no stone unturned until justice is served.

Run along now to your sissies with the white wigs.

Have a Nice Day


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