Robert B Marren Caught on Phone


Robert Marren – Hello

John Murphy – Hello I was wondering if I could speek to Robert
Marren please.

Robert Marren – Speaking

John Murphy – Robert, we are an armature production company and we are based here in Cork, and we are doing documentaries on farm inheritance and farm disputes. Now I was wondering as your name has come up as a professional dealing with a lot of these disputes, would you like to be involved in the documentary

Robert Marren – Your doing a documentary on what?

John Murphy – On farm inheritance and farm disputes

Robert Marren – No Thank You

John Murphy – Your name comes up a lot on the internet, you are involved in a big case in #Roscommon.

Robert Marren (sniggering) – I am not involved in it, but yes I know what you mean, but no thank you. Not interested

John Murphy – Now it might be good for your business because a lot of people are interested in farm disputes, its an ever increasing problem in rural Ireland and we would like to promote it and help people in trouble

Robert Marren – No, No no not for me thanks


Free PDF Financial Elder Abuse

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Number 1 Book for Exposing Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse.

This is a brave and poignant ongoing story of an elderly gentleman farmer from rural Ireland who courageously stands up against the Irish legal profession that is determined to steal his money and his land.The corruption, greed, and injustice are obvious and well explained.”The law is as straight as a door jamb, it’s those that implements it that’s crooked.”

This is an important book and worth the read!The local politician found one excuse after another as to why they could not or would not get involved.


#EugeneMurphy TD went to Castlerea Garda station to put in a formal complaint against the Justice 4 Elderly Farmer Michael Gavin RIP Facebook page.

#MichaelFitzMaurice TD came to visit Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney after 10pm one night. The first words out his mouth were that if anyone call him a “ROBBER” he would SUE them.

#DenisNaughten TD told them it was against the constitution for him to get involved.

Peter #PenaltyPoints Jones Westmeath State Solicitor Threatened Elderly Michael Gavin not to protest outside his clients ROBBER B Marren’s office.

Alleged IRA Man #LawrenceMcManus Demanded to keys to Michael Gavin’s house after he died.

#GearoidGeraghty Solicitor holds Michael Gavin’s case to council files RANSOM for his fee for doing nothing.A number of questions remain unanswered?

1.Why did Robert B. Marren refuse to award Michael Gavin the grant money paid down from the dept. of Agriculture? Mike Gavin is owed over €116,000 for 9 Years unpaid.

2.Why did Robert B. Marren hold on to the funds from the land sale for nearly 2 years?

3.Why did you Robert B. Marren award Elderly Michael Gavin and my widowed sister €12,500 plus interest less than what they were entitled to?

4.Why did you Robert B. Marren deduct €3,500 from Eileen Linney for Animals she never owned?

5.Why was no invoice provided for #WilliamPenrose’s TD BL opinion?

6.Why did Robert B. Marren hire an additional accountant Damien Hannigan 7 Oliver Plunkett St. Mullingar at a cost of €8,751.45 to oversee the Accounts?

7.Why did you Robert B. Marren not provide the correct invoice for Accountant Catherine O’Connor?

8.Why did Mr. #RobertBMarren not provide a “Detailed Bill of Costs” for his fee of €40,892.53 he awarded to himself?

9.Why did Robert B. Marren Solicitor consider the other beneficiaries to be his clients?

10.Why did Robert B. Marren distribute the estate assets in isolation to well-founded objections?

11.Why did Robert B. Marren refuse to take the well-founded objection to a Judge?

12.Why did Robert B. Marren threaten 2 of the elderly beneficiaries and coerce them to retain a solicitor to prevent him distributing the estate assets?

13.Why did Robert B. Marren distribute the estate assets speedily over the Christmas period 2014 in the knowledge that 2 of the beneficiaries were actively attempting to retain a solicitor to act on their behalf?

14.Why did Tony Henry #TormeysSolicitors Athlone fail to undertake the instructions given him through John Glynn Solicitors to prevent Mr. Robert Marren closing in isolation to well-founded objections?

15.Why did T & N McLynn Solicitors, #Athlone summon (special) Mike Gavin and Eileen Linney to the High Court attempting to sell the home along with the farm and failed after three days squandering estate assets with fees in the High Court?

16.Why was no bill of costs provided for T & N McLynn #Solicitors, Athlone, paid an amount of €38,941 a year prior to the distribution of the estate assets?

17.Why do Robert Marren refuse to provide answers to these and other questions?

18.Why Has Robert B. Marren retained #PeterDJones #Mullingar State Solicitor to represent him?

Why should we tolerate Financial #ElderAbuse?


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