Kevin Boxer Moran Warned Michael Gavin RIP Do NOT Call my Constituency Office Ever Again


Kevin Boxer Moran Do NOT Call my Constituency Office Ever Again!

Run with the Hare Hunt with the Hound Kevin Boxer Moran although he was supportive for a time finally told Michael Gavin and his widowed sister Eileen Linney ” Do NOT Call my Constituency Office ever Again” Re Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse Case.

Kevin Boxer Moran strung Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney along for over a year making out that he would bring their case of to the attention of Frances Fitzgerald Minister for Justice at the time.

He accompanied Defenseless Eileen Linney to the Athlone Garda Station to report the matter and threatened the Garda that if they did’nt do something he would. He Lied, just like the rest he did nothing.

In the end he said he was waiting to hear back from his adviser #EugeneDeering before proceeding to bring the case up in the Dail. Here is Eugene Deering’s opinion letter to Kevin Boxer Moran concerning Michael Gavin’s case of Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse at the hand of Robert B Marren Peter D Jones, Tony Henry and Tony McLynn. Followed by our response.


Paragraph 1 of Eugene Deerings Letter to Kevin Boxer Moran

“Matter were investigated by the Law Society and a series of complaints were not upheld against a solicitor who dealt with the late Patrick Gavin’s estate. Pat Gavin died Intestate on the 10 of October, 2005.”

That is correct complaints were made to the Law Society of Ireland against Robert Marren Solicitor, and Tony Watson Solicitor from the law society concluded that Marren had followed the clear instruction of his clients the other beneficiaries of the estate then threatened he wouldblock further emails. Linda Kirwan from the Law Society sent information leaflet stating that by law, solicitors are obliged to furnish information about their costs in writing. However it would appear that the society consider Marren to be above this law, not to mention my other well found objections made to them in relation to the unfair manner in which he administered the estate of my late brother Pat Gavin.

Paragraph 2 of Eugene Deering’s Letter to Kevin Boxer Moran

“Issues appear to have arisen over the distribution of that estate which has led to Michael Gavin and his sister, Eileen Linney making various and lengthy unfounded claims against various solicitors, accountants, auctioneers, departments of agriculture officials etc over recent years. Following Patrick’ Gavin’s death, Michael Gavin continued farming the lands and caring for the livestock in the expectation that he would be allowed continue doing so by the rest of the family. However this was not possible, as disagreements appear to have arisen between Michael Gavin and Ann Sanford and Kathleen O’Keefe. Ultimately, as per law of intestate, Michael Gavin forced to sell off the livestock (possibly because the herd was, in fact, owed by the deceased – though Michael Gavin disputes this) and surrender the lands for the sale in due course of the administration of the Estate.”

I challenge you Eugene Deering to backup your statement that I Michael Gavin or my sister Eileen Linney make unfounded claims. We are honest hard working individuals and have always stuck to the facts and told the truth throughout our lives. You also lie to Boxer that the herd was owed by the deceased. Marren,  make a decision in March 2013 to accept my claim to owning half the livestock and all the sheep?
14/03/13 Marren to Gavin & Linney, Page 59 of my book on Financial Elder Abuse.
But yet for no logical reason Marren refused to award me Michael Gavin the net amount €116,789.11 due to me out of the Single Payment Entitlements representing my ½ share in the profits from farming the lands.

Paragraph 3 of Eugene Deering’s Letter to Kevin Boxer Moran

I note that the Gavin’s have not taken any legal action to correct any perceived wrong in the setting of their late brother’s estate.

Another Lie Eugene. Our family solicitor John Glynn gave Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone instructions to represent us.

“Finally, for the purpose of endeavoring to avoid further proceedings in the matter, I would suggest that you immediately telephone Robert Marren to advise him that you have received instructions to act and enquire just where exactly does he stand in this matter and enquire whether or not his hands are tied by the instructions received from Messrs. Sanford & O’Keeffe and/or their Solicitors, Messr. T & N McLynn.”

Henry failed to undertake his instructions and went to send a threatening letter to my elderly widowed sister after the law society upheld the complains made against him. Martin Egan Solicitor Athlone advised us get an out of town solicitor as Marren is the son-in-law of Aiden O Carroll retired solicitor. Peter D. Jones the State Solicitor refuses to respond to correspondence for his client Robert B. Marren.

Why should we at our age be coerced into taking legal action. If Marren had dealt with our objections and taken the matter before a Judge as he was advised do in writing through our family solicitor John Glynn then there would be no need for further legal expense.

Michael Gavin to Robert Marren on 5th December, 2014 stating;

“If a fair allowance is not made on an agreed basis, I will not give my consent to any distribution account prepared by you. Similarly, my sisters will also have to agree before a distribution account can be finalised and a distribution effected. Accordingly you as Administrator will be unable to distribute the estate unless you can procure agreement between us and, if this agreement is not forthcoming, I am advised the only way you, as Administrator, can be protected is to go back into Court and get a Court Order directing how the estate can be distributed.”

Paragraph 4 of Eugene Deering’s Letter to Kevin Boxer Moran

Instead, they have instigated a social media campaign, together with sending correspondence to an array of public figures, local, national and international to invite support for their perceived wrongs. Michael Gavin has also purported to have set up a number of websites seeking justice.

We have every right to express our dissatisfaction of the way the justice system operates in Ireland. Although this whole matter is a source of embarrassment to us, we will have no hesitation in disclosing same in the public domain, as it is our belief that the general public have a right to be made aware of the events that took place and let them judge for themselves based on the true facts and we will continue to do so via twitter, facebook, youtube, linkeden, website blogs. letters and published books.

Paragraph  5 of Eugene Deering’s Letter to Kevin Boxer Moran

To bring legal proceedings would be very costly and would enjoy an excellent prospect of failing. Indeed, their complaints would be very likely to fail on the grounds of being vexatious and without merit and/or an abuse of process.

Now Eugene your playing judge and jury. A wise man familiar with our case once tweeted “To commit fraud is an offense in Ireland. But the prosecution for such will depend very much on where you reside on the social scale #vinb”

Paragraph  6 of Eugene Deering’s Letter to Kevin Boxer Moran

“There is also grave doubts that both Gavins, who are elderly, are orchestrating the various websites established, or indeed, Michael Gavin, who is 83 years of age, has written the various letters to the various recipients as the language and perplexity of the legal issues involved appears to be beyond the educational attainment of Mr. Gavin (who by his own admission worked the land all his life).”

The content on the websites is nothing more than a rehash of the substantial case to council files that was sent to Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors, who sat on same for 2 months and complaints made to the Law Society of Ireland.

A witnessed statement was made to 2 members of Roscommon Garda Fraud Squad basically stating that I Michael Gavin stand over all the information in the websites and affirm it to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My number plate were issued in 1932 so that makes a fit 85 year old who reared 14 hopper of turf this year.

Who gives you the authority to lord your education over me Eugene Deering? probably funded by my hard earned taxes.

While the language and perplexity of the legal issues involved may well be beyond my educational attainments, I have no difficulty reading and comprehending same I AM NOBODIES FOOL.


Eugene Deering’s Conclusion to Kevin Boxer Moran

I would strongly urge not to enter any representations on this matter, to inform the parties that you do not have any expertise in the area to assist them.

I would also recommend that you do not enter into correspondence with them or to prolong any communications with them.

We would strongly urge you Eugene Deering PC not to advice Kevin Boxer Moran TD or others on matters you are not fully familiar with. A man with your educational background and expertise should know better than to BLAGGARD another in that way. In my estimation you are no better than the solicitors, accountants, auctioneers, department of agriculture officials and others who had their part to play in defrauding my widowed sister and I.

We would recommend that you get your facts straight and tell the truth in any further correspondence and/or communications you may have regarding my case which constitutes Financial Elder Abuse of the highest order.





Justice 4 Elderly Farmer Michael Gavin @EugeneDeering #EugeneDeering need to get your facts straight before advising @kevinboxermoran not to represent @MichaelGavin83#ElderAbuse