Eileen Linney has no intention of handing over any keys until what was
ROBBED from her and her deceased brothers estate is returned with
interest from the dates it was stolen.
Listen to Bully Lawrence McManus LIE.


He has NO agreement signed by Eileen.
Bully Boy Lawrence McManus 083 113 3608 #Pettigo Co #Donegal
who was Expelled from the Sinn Féin party is now demanding that
Elderly Eileen Linney hand over the keys to the house in Dundonnell
Taughmaconnell Co Roscommon where Michael Gavin RIP lived all
his life.
Lawrence McManus currently has cattle on the lands that Michael
Gavin RIP farmed all his life with his brother Pat Gavin RIP.

Lawrence McManus claims to be a mediator and told Eileen that he has
a right by law to the keys and he proposes to sell the house in March

We will continue our fight for Justice for Michael Gavin RIP by
protesting outside corrupt Solicitors offices in Athlone and Mullingar.

Robert B Marren Castle Street Mullingar
Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone
Tony McLynn Athlone
Peter D Jones Mullingar

Please Call their offices for further information on the protests and let
them know that you support Michael Gavin RIP.

Robert Marren +353449343826
Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors 090649 3456
Peter Jones +353449343697
Tony McLynn +353906498264
Lawrence McManus 083 113 3608

Michael Gavin RIP Died on 21st December 2017
Blessed Oscar Romero said “The ones who have a voice must speak for
those who are voiceless.”


Lawrence McManus – Hello

Derek McCabe – Good Morning can I speak to Lawrence Mc Manus?

Lawrence McManus – Ye

Derek McCabe – Lawrence

Lawrence Mc Manus – Yes

Derek McCabe – I’ve being told here locally that you are involved in a
house repossession order in March 2019 is that correct?

Lawrence McManus – aaa

Dereck McCabe – in Dundonnell, Taughmaconnell

Lawrence Mc Manus – I am the mediator working on the case but I
can not discuss it with you.

Derek McCabe – You’re the mediator are you working on behalf of
the defendant or the plaintiff ?

Lawrence McManus – (LIES)– I am working on behalf of the whole
family (LIES)

Derek McCabe – and are you advocating that that family not leave that
property in March

Lawrence McManus – Do what?

Derek McCabe – and are you advocating that that family not leave that
property in March

Lawrence McManus – Am I advocating that they are not, who am I
speaking to first of all

Derek McCabe – Dereck McCabe

Lawrence McManus – Yes well I can’t discuss it with you

Derek McCabe – You will come to know me in March because I wont
all that family be taken out of their house.

Lawrence McManus – There is nobody living in the house the house is

Derek McCabe – The house is vacant that’s right but it’s in the family

Lawrence McManus (LIES) The whole family has agreed that the
house is going to be sold (LIES).

Derek McCabe – Why though? Because of your words?

Lawrence McManus (LIES) No not my words, they want to sell it,
they want it done, its dusted (LIES).

Derek McCabe – Can you confirm the family said that because I
spoke to them and they don’t want to sell it.

Lawrence McManus – (LIES) All of the family want to sell it, I
have a letter of authorisation from all of them.

Derek McCabe – is the authorisation done thoroughly through the
district court?

Lawrence McManus – Yes Yes

Derek McCabe – and you can confirm that?

Lawrence McManus – Yes no bother yes sure why not

Derek McCabe – No I don’t believe you one bit, because I believe that
you pushed them over the edge to sell that house, you bullied them, I
work legally myself Lawrence.

YouTube recording Link https://youtu.be/B8dc9T94iVs

The ones who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.

Please Sign







Minister Frances Fitzgerald Ignores Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse Why


Minister’s Reference 0531102449

Date 08/03/2017

Dear Minister Fitzgerald,

In response to your recent email dated 3rd March 2017, relating to the correspondence I emailed to your office dated June 10th 2016 I wish to state the following.
I appreciate the fact that you requested a Garda report to fully address my concerns, and fully trained investigators have since investigated the allegations I made and referred a file to the Director of Prosecutions (DPP).

However this further squandering of Tax Payers money could all have been avoided;

If Sean O Fearghail Ceann Comhairle allowed Clare Daly TD to question you Tanaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality re the legal grounds upon which members of An Garda Siochana in County Roscommon entered my home on 20th May 2016.

The written reason given to Clare Daly TD was “The question is not in order as it requires an interpretation of the law and relates not to a policy issue but to an individual case which is an operational one for An Garda Siochana. Begs the question who ordered this Garda operation bearing in mind that you Minister Fitzgerald requested a Garda report after you received my correspondence dated 10th June 2016.

If Robert B Marren Solicitor had performed his duties as appointed by Judge Mary Laffoy to administer the Estate of my Late Brother Patrick Gavin. Marren followed the clear instructions of the other beneficiaries, as stated by Tony Watson Solicitor Law Society of Ireland.

If Robert B Marren had not deprived me the right to have my well-founded objections brought before a Judge. Marren confiscated the Department of Agriculture grants, so I was tricked into working for nothing for over 9 years minding farm animals. My widowed sister and I were also shorted €12,500 plus interest from the sale of the lands at auction, not to mention money that was deducted from my sister for cattle she never owned any cattle in her life.

If Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone had undertaken the written and verbal instructions given him though another solicitor to take proceedings against Marren and make him go before a Judge to address my valid objections instead of playing GOD in the matter.

If Tony Watson Law Society of Ireland had reprimanded Marren and Henry. Instead Watson threatened to block my email correspondence when I questioned whether Willie Penrose TD was paid for his opinion. No invoice to date has being provided for Penrose although the estate of my late Brother was charged. I very much doubt Penrose had much if anything to say for himself to the trained fraud investigator who questioned him.

If Peter D. Jones Westmeath State Solicitor (minus his penalty points) had responded to the correspondence on behalf of his client Robert B Marren. Jones threatened me not to peaceful protest outside his client Marren’s office. Coincidentally the Garda Fraud squad missed getting me home the first time they called unannounced as I was already on the road to peaceful assembly protest outside Marren and Jones offices in Mullingar.

If Linda Kirwan Solicitor from the Society of Ireland fit her purpose and reprimanded Penalty Points Jones State Solicitor for failing to answer the 20 questions I posed to him in regard to his client Robert B Marren’s administration of my late brother’s estate. Kirwan although she did send literature stating that by law a solicitor must provide a bill of costs to his client, she fails to enforce this law.

While I do understand that you as Tanaiste have no role in the investigation, prosecution or trail, I find it difficult to appreciate how the State funded Director of Prosecutions (DPP) can be considered an independent body.

Francis Fitzgerald Protest

Although I have no background or understanding of the common or statute laws that the DPP will use to base their decision on. I do understand what the old people meant when they said “The Law is as straight as a door jamb, it’s those that implements it thats crooked.” No man has a right to blaggard another the way them solicitors named above did me.

In the event that the DPP does not prosecute and bearing in mind the fact that solicitors generally refuse to challenge each other in cases such as mine.

What course of action is available to prevent Financial Elder Abuse??

Michael Gavin