Alan Murry Garda Superintendent Peter D Jones State Solicitor

This evening outside Mullingar Post Office, supporters of the Justice for Mike Gavin campaign were putting up a few posters advertising next Friday’s Mullingar protest, when out of nowhere appeared local Garda Superintendent Alan Murray, dressed in civvies and not looking his usual bubbly self.

Superintendent Murray threatened to report the supporters to the County Council for littering and said he will give evidence against them. This will be a first for An Garda Siochana in that an officer of such high rank will be the star witness relating to a minor littering allegation.

It is not known exactly where Superintendent sprung out of but surely he must have been following the supporters around the streets of Mullingar. It says a lot about the local justice establishment, when the local Super adapts such a hands on approach in such a minor matter.

Oh but it is NOT a minor matter when it concerns the truth about two local powerful solicitors bullying an 84 year old man, one of these solicitors being the state solicitor (state prosecutor) Peter D. Jones. These posters are advertising a protest that is rattling the cages of the untouchable local elites so the Garda top brass must be rolled out to stop it. But 84 year Mike Gavin and his supporters are not going away until Justice is served.

Peter Jones is the Fianna Fail appointed State Solicitor for Westmeath. He is now more than 2 decades in this position. Peter Jones is a right wing conservative on moral issues and he has been against every piece of reformist referenda for decades, including the Divorce Referendum of 1995.

Only a few years ago, Peter Jones had 8 PENALTY POINTS corruptly and illegally removed, a matter which appeared in the Phoenix Magazine at the time. Peter Jones is now threatening an 83 year old farmer. Is it not enough for 83 year old Mike Gavin to have been defrauded of a large sum of money by Mr. Jones’s friend and fellow Mullingar solicitor Robert Marren?

Is there nothing so low as to what the legal profession in Mullingar will stoop to? Just as you thought that they could not sink any lower by defrauding an elderly farmer, they are now threatening him.