Lawrence Mc Manus

Lawrence Mc Manus

Robber Marren

Why did you contact John Glynn in April 2019 re signing Land
Registry Form 36 for House at Dundonnell, Taughmaconnell,
Roscommon. As you are well aware your clients Kathleen O’ Keefe and
Anne Sanford reported John Glynn to the Law Society of Ireland and
they advised him to step aside.

My late brother Michael Gavin RIP and I responded to your previous
request for our signatures on form 36 back in October 2017.
Why did you and or your clients fail to respond. (copy of the letter we
sent you is included below.)

Did you hire Lawrence McManus 083 113 3608 Pettigo, Co Donegal
to mediate the sale of the property at Dundonnell Taughmaconnell

Why did Lawrence McManus 083 113 3608 Pettigo, Co Donegal
phone me demanding that I, Eileen Linney hand over the keys to the
house in Dundonnell, Taughmaconnell, Roscommon where Michael
Gavin RIP lived all his life.

Lawrence McManus claims to be a mediator and told me Eileen Linney
that he has a right by law to the keys and he proposes to sell the house
in March 2019.

Donal Jackson from Athlone who met with Lawrence Mc Manus on my
behalf formed the impression that McManus is/was a member of the

Mc Manus was expelled from Sinn Fein but we are unsure why.
In a recorded conversation between Lawrenace McManus and Derek
McCabe https://youtu.be/B8dc9T94iVs Monkesland Athlone.
McManus claims he has the agreement of all the family to sell the
house in Dundonnell, Taughmaconell and claims he has filed the
necessary paperwork with the district court. This is a lie because I
Eileen Linney did not sign any agreement with Lawrence McManus
nor did I ever meet with him.

We have spoken to people in Donegal namely Shauna Veronica Tynan
friend to Bridget Dillon and they claim that McManus has a history of
tricking the elderly out of money up there.

As it stands McManus and his son are using the farmlands in
Dundonnell to graze their cattle which is strange bearing in mind that
its at least a 3 hour drive from Pettigo.

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