Against Denis Naughten’s Constitution to Represent Michael Gavin RIP Against Corrupt Greedy Solicitors

Denis Naughten

Against Denis Naughten's Constitution to Represent Michael Gavin RIP Against Corrupt Greedy Solicitors


Denis Naughten Letter

On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 11:02 AM, Denis Naughten <> wrote:

I’ve read you e-mails & blog and view your online video.
It is clear that you were very badly advised in the past not to have ensured that both you and your brother made a will to protect both sets of rights.
While there is no doubt that there are questions regarding the management of this case, the only way that these can be resolved and rectified is by the Courts.
In my 18 years in politics I have not nor will I become involved in family disputes of this nature because, in my experience, everybody loses and the only real winners are the barristers & their bank accounts.
I think that arbitration may have been useful at an earlier stage, but this ultimately is a dispute between the various beneficiaries of the will.
I’m sorry but I cannot be of assistance to you with regard to this matter.
I’m also sending a copy of this e-mail to your nephew, who has also made contact with me, on your behalf.
Yours sincerely,

#DenisNaughten TD

My Respone email as follows:


Totally agree with you the only way that these can be resolved and rectified is by the Courts

However it was Mr. #RobertbMarren Solicitor the administrator for the Estate that should have taken the matter to the courts to have a Judge decide not demand the Elderly Beneficiaries to issue proceedings when there were objection.

#TonyHenry #TormeysSolicitors did nothing except sit on the files for 3 months. He was instructed by John Glynn Solicitor to write and phone Marren immediately to prevent him closing.

It appears that he too wanted to play God in the matter. Why if he was not prepared to act on our behalf did he not phone us and say so. A Solicitor not undertaken an instruction is a very very serious matter and many have been disciplined for same in the past according to the records on line which are referred to in the blog.

I doubt very much that Marren or Henry would work for nothing yet they appear to think that they have a right to play God in my case.

John Glynn helped us write many a letter to Marren on unheaded paper pointing out the fact that he should seek a court order to direct how the Estate should be Administrated.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog!

However in view of the fact that you did, how can Marren holding on my 1/6 share and my sisters 1/6 share of the monies from the land sale for nearly 2 years be explained??

There is no good reason why Marren did not pay these monies to us when he received them!

What he did pay out in the end was €12,500 short of what we were entitled to plus interest with no acceptable explanation to date as to why he did same.

It appears he also refuses also to pay John Glynn the money he claims some €50k plus for his services…yet he had no issue paying T&N Mc lynn a year or so prior to closing.

Why do they continually scourge me with their petty battles, what has it got to do with me? and why does Marren threaten Eileen and I that he will not pay John Glynn bill while we seek justice through the law society. How are they related??

We are now told #WilliePenrose was not paid, not that we were ever given an invoice for his services, but Marren did deduct for it.

Eileen and i never met with Penrose and we only met with Marren once and all he wanted to discuss was us making our wills….what had that got to do with the Administration of my late brothers Estate, or what business was it of his anyway whether we had our will made or not.

It would appear that because Marren is the Son in Law of #AidanOCarroll a prominent retired #Solicitor in #Athlone that none of the Solicitors in the Midland are prepared to act on our behalf.

However we intend to expose the #INJUSTICE and #ELDERABUSE we have been subjected too in the public domain and thereby encourage more in our situation to stand up to the Bully Boy tactics lies and deceit that our justice system is riddled with.

I am 83 year of age and I do not deserve to be treated in this fashion. I have worked hard all my life and never wronged any man and if a pair of white bellied bast***S think they can take advantage of my Elder Widowed sister and I they have another thing coming.

Did you have a chance to read the repulsive letter Tony Henry of Tormeys Solicitor sent to Eileen yesterday(copy attached), we were deprived of sleep and up half the night scribbling a response to same. They call them selves educated and he had the cheek to  criticizes my signature, what has he a scratch of a line get more from a 2 year old, at least mine spells out my GOOD name.


We are not satisfied with the service on offer in this country to deal with this Injustice and Elder Abuse and as far as we are concerned a country that does not look after its Elderly is no country. To date the only real sympathy and support we have received is from the ordinary people while the rest of yea pluck out one excuse or another as to why yea cannot or do not help out in these matters. Well yea wont sweep this under the carpet and hide away from the facts we have copies of all the correspondence and recall  what went on.

Have a nice day!

Michael Gavin


Denis Naughten TD Meeting

Denis Naughten TD met with Eileen Linney, Mike Gavins sister in #GulliansHotel on Friday 19th June 2016 after 10:30am. He stated he did not get involved in family disputes as its against the constitution. Eileen explained what was owed to her brother Mike Gavin and herself and gave details of the amount due to Mike Gavin for his work done over a 9 year period. She explain that she did not own any cattle yet there was €3,700 deducted from her share plus €12,500 from the land sale , a further €116,000 plus €12,500 from the land sale was deducted for her brother Mike Gavin  by Robert B. Marren Solicitor.

Denis Naughten TD stated for them to get a Solicitor and write to the Supreme Court – #SusanDenham. Eileen stated Robert Marren was appointed to administer the estate which he didn’t do and Denis Naughton stated the Judge who appointed him would have agreed with what he did. Denis also stated he did not like the information on Twitter about himself and or #RobertTroy.

End of Meeting

Well Denis we don’t like the fact that you did nothing for us. How come it was Clare Daly TD who attempted to question Tanaiste and Minster for Justice re #Roscommon #Gardai entering Elderly Mike Gavin’s Home? Where were you Denis Naughton TD. As for twitter don’t you recall you blocked @michaelgavin83 as did #RobertToryTD, although Troy did go on to sign one of Mike Gavin’s petitions on the day of voting.

Our justice system is repeatedly and systematically failing us. Worse than that, it seams that many of those in exalted positions of authority such as yourself Denis Naughten TD, Robert Troy TD, #WilliePenroseTD, Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone,  #TonyMcLynn T&N Mc Lynn Solicitors Athlone, Robert B. Marren Solicitor Mullingar, #PeterDJones State Solicitor #Mullingar and the #LawSocietyofIreland are greatly abusing our trust. It would appear that in #Ireland if the perpetrators are in any way “connected” then our justice system is far more likely to throw up a wall of protection and denials around them.

Don’t be surprise if a peaceful assembly protest arrives at your door in the coming days to express dissatisfaction at the Job your not doing

Have a Nice Day!

Against the constitution to stand up to Solicitors Corruption and Financial Elder Abuse DENIS NAUGHTEN??

  1. Robert Marren Solicitor refused to award Michael Gavin the grant money’s paid down from the Dept. of Agriculture. Michael is owed over €116,000 for 9 years minding the farm Animals.
  1. Robert Marren Solicitor held onto the funds from the land sale for nearly 2 years, and then finally awarded to Michael Gavin and his sister €12,500 plus interest less than what we were each entitled to.
  1. Willie Penrose TD BL was not paid for his opinion, when the estate was charged for same.
  1. Robert Marren Solicitor Squandered the estate assets and hired an additional accountant at a cost of €8,751.45.
  1. Marren did not provide a “detailed bill of costs” for his fee of €40,892.53 he awarded to himself.
  1. No bill of costs was provided for T & N McLynn Solicitors, Athlone, paid an amount of €38,941 a year prior to closing.
  1. Tony Henry, Tormeys Solicitors, Athlone failed to undertake the instructions given him through John Glynn Solicitors to prevent Mr. Robert Marren closing in isolation to well founded objections.

To commit fraud is an offense in Ireland. But the prosecution will depend very much on where you reside on the social scale!


Peter Jones is the #FiannaFail appointed State #Solicitor for #Westmeath. He is now more than 2 decades in this position. Peter Jones is a right wing conservative on moral issues and he has been against every piece of reformist referenda for decades, including the Divorce Referendum of 1995. Only a few years ago, Peter Jones had 8 #PENALTY POINTS corruptly and illegally removed, a matter which appeared in the Phoenix Magazine at the time. Peter Jones is now threatening an 83 year old farmer. Is it not enough for 83 year old Mike Gavin to have been defrauded of a large sum of money by Mr. Jones’s friend and fellow Mullingar solicitor Robert Marron? Is there nothing so low as to what the legal profession in Mullingar will stoop to? Just as you thought that they could not sink any lower by defrauding an elderly farmer, they are now threatening him.


Gardai Interrogate Elderly Mike Gavin in his home

On Friday the 20th of May a local Garda and #Roscommon detective called to Mike Gavin’s Home, Dundonnell #Taughmaconnell. They were told Mikie was gone to Mullingar (Protest). They said they wanted to see Mikie re the #Fraud “Thing”.

They called back the next day despite the fact that Mike’s sister Eileen called them and told them that they were sending their Fraud file to Dublin when it was complete.
They came regardless and told Mike’s sister it had nothing to do with her and they wanted to see Mike Gavin. Mike’s sister locked the door and told them repeatedly out the window to go away and leave them alone and eventually they did.
3 Gardai returned Wednesday when and got Mike home alone. Mike Gavin describes here what happened.
Share and Expose the Blue Bully Boys working for Peter D. Jones


Letter to Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar. Michael Gavin Fighting for Justice



Mr Robert Marren                                                                                           Dundonnell

Castle Street,                                                                                                   Taughmaconnell,

Mullingar                                                                                                         Co. Roscommon.

Co. Westmeath.


Date: 11/07/2015


Mr. Marren,


Further to the letter my brother Michael Gavin and I received from John Glynn, Solicitor Patrick Hogan & Co. on 9th July 2015 which states

“I telephoned Mr. Marren today to enquire why I had not received payment on the basis that absolutely everybody else in the Estate has been paid and his response was that he continued to receive letters from you complaining about fees while threatening to go to the Law Society. He said he was not prepared to pay out my fees while these threats existed.”

The letter also states

“it would appear he will not pay out these fees unless you write him and confirm to him that you are not objecting to my fees and direct him to pay same. If you are not prepared to do so, you will leave me with no choice but to proceed to taxation of costs and then subsequently. I will be obliged to sue Mr. Marren for recovery of my fees. This is grossly unfair situation in that Pat is dead almost ten years. I have not been paid for any of my services rendered either to you or to the Estate over that period.”

Our objections to the above are as follows;

We do not consider our reporting you to the Law Society a threat. We have every right to seek justice for the unjust and unfair way we have been dealt with and taken advantage of considering our age, by you the administrator and the beneficiaries of the Estate to the extent that it constitutes ELDER ABUSE.

In the event that the Law Society of Ireland does not accept that our 8 complaints of inadequate professional services, alleged over charging and misconduct, warrant investigation we have every intention of referring this matter to the independent Adjudicator, the solicitors disciplinary tribunal Dublin , An Garda Síochána and the Health Service Executive HSE. Although this whole matter is a source of embarrassment to us, we will have no hesitation in disclosing same in the public domain, as it is our belief that the general public have a right to be made aware of the events that took place and let them judge for themselves based on the true facts.

While we have every intent of pursuing you vigorously to meet our demands to include recovery of the funds not distributed to us to date, we fail to see the logic to your persistent reluctance to pay Patrick Hogan & Co. in isolation to our efforts to seek justice in this matter, or “threats” as you put it.

This is reminiscent of the manner in which you dealt with paying out our 1/6 share from the sale of the Estate lands. Here again despite our persistent requests you Mr. Robert Marren refused to pay out same until finalising the distribution during the Christmas period 2014-2015, without addressing our objections, and it appears you did same to avoid paying our 1/6 share of the land from auction in isolation to the rest of the estate, notwithstanding the fact that the moneys for same were in your possession nearly 2 years previously. You have yet to provide a reasonable explanation of why you did not “bite the bullet” and pay over the full amount when you Mr. Robert Marren received the funds way back on 27th of May 2013.

Do you not recall that I wrote to you on 11th April 2015 and stated “Please advise us of any outstanding bills, has John Glynn, Hogan & Co. been paid to date, and if not why not.”

I believe this should make it clear to you that there is no objection to Patrick Hogan & Co. fee being paid.

In your response on 22nd April you Mr. Marren state “Mr Tony Mclynn was the Solicitor in High Court proceedings on behalf of some of the parties and was awarded his costs by Order of the High Court as was Hogan & Company.”

Based on your response we felt that the fees to Patrick Hogan & Co. were paid. However if you felt we objected to the fees to Patrick Hogan & Co. why did you not question the issue then.

We have never ever threatened you in any way, and most certainly not in regard to fees to Patrick Hogan & Co.

It would appear to us your reluctance Mr. Marren to paying the fee to Patrick Hogan & Co. in isolation of our “threats” as you put it are just another example of your BULLY BOY TACTICS and we do not appreciate the manner in which you Mr. Marren attempt to force us to concede to your demands by refusing to “pay out Patrick Hogan & Co. fees while these threats exist”.

You may also recall a letter was also sent to your office in Mullingar on 17TH of June 2015 stating the following;

“I take issue with your reluctance to provide a detailed breakdown of how the figure of €40,892.53 representing fees paid to Robert Marren & Co. were arrived at. I also feel I am entitled to a breakdown of all other fees paid out of the Estate funds and who was paid what at closing.

I also take issue with your persistent reluctance to provide the following

  1. Bill of Cost for T & N McLynn, Solicitors, Athlone
  2. Correct invoice for Catherine O’Conner. Her invoice states Total Amount Due €584.25 while Cash Account dated 18th July, 2014 “Fees paid to Catherine O’ Connor €6,857.25.
  3. Invoice for William Penrose B.L. or explanation of why his opinion was sought.
  4. Invoice for John Dolan Auctioneer and breakdown of the handsome fee he was paid.
  5. Answer to “has John Glynn, Hogan & Co. Ballinasloe been paid to date, and if not why not”?
  6. Answer to “has John Glynn, Hogan & Co. Ballinasloe been paid to date, and if not why not”?
  7. Any outstanding bills.”

We have yet to receive a response to that letter above which we sent register post notwithstanding the fact that these questions were posed to you in previous correspondence numerous times prior and regardless we have a right to be furnished with copies of same. You Mr. Robert Marren will note that points 5 and 6 of that letter of 17TH of June 2015, are one in the same and we underlined if not why not”? in an effort to draw your attention to same which apparently you have yet to do.

Why were we not provided with a Bill of Cost for T & N McLynn, Solicitors, Athlone who we were informed was paid their handsome amount of €38,941.00 approximately a year prior to your finalised distribution during the Christmas period 2014-2015.

When exactly was T & N McLynn, Solicitors, Athlone paid and why were they paid in advance of the finalised distribution while you refused to pay our 1/6 share of the land from auction or fees to Patrick Hogan & Co.??


You did not seek our approval for T & N McLynn, Solicitors bill nor did you request if we objected to same after they represented the other side beneficiaries who put the Estate of my late brother Patrick Gavin to enormous legal expense with their High Court Special Summons where they sought to sell the roof over my head among other things.

“By notices in writing Kathleen ‘OKeefe, and Mary Theresa Harte have confirmed their desire to have the house and lands of the estate sold. Nicholas Duffy and his four children have also confirmed that they desire to have the property sold. It is also the wish of the Plaintiff that the property be sold.”

Bearing in mind that the beneficiaries namely Anne Sanford, Kathleen O’Keefe, Mike Harte, Brenda Harte Waters, Michelle Harte, Philomena Duffy, Patrick Duffy, Catherine Duffy and Noel Duffy and their Solicitor T & N McLynn were well aware that Michael Gavin was entitled to live in the home for the rest of his days per his father’s will which they were all furnished with a copy of. As we recall we were required to attend the high court on 3 separate days, the first of which none of the beneficiaries attended. On the second day we were informed by our barrister Donal Keane B.L. that they were in another room arguing amongst themselves, and then finally we got before the judge on the third day. This is just one of the numerous examples of their vengeful, spiteful behaviour where they squandered the Estate assets. Not to mention the inconvenience, and additional expenses that were incurred to hire a man to mind the “Estate Animals” for 3 days, there was no mention of any funds to cover that cost in your finalised distribution.

On another occasion which we kept you update on, we recall one of the beneficiaries Kathleen O’Keefe rushed us into signing a lease agreement on 27th August, 2014 without providing us an opportunity to read over same carefully or to consider the matter. Consequently we were forced to get legal advice in order to amend a number of the conditions including Michael Gavin’s agreement to “having fully restored the lands to grassland by ploughing and reseeding by no later than the 31st of July 2015.” Lands that were never used for tillage, and even if they were who would commit to a short term 1 year lease with that condition. This appears underhanded to us and highlights the inadequate professional service provided by their Solicitor T&N McLynn, Athlone. It is not of a quality that could reasonably be expected of a solicitor and served no purpose other than to force us to incur additional unnecessary expenses for legal advice to draft letters in response to the lease agreement Kathleen O’Keefe tricked me Michael Gavin into signing.

You have not provided the correct invoice for Catherine O’Conner. Her invoice states Total Amount Due €584.25 while Cash Account dated 18th July, 2014 “Fees paid to Catherine O’ Connor €6,857.25.

You did not seek our approval for seeking William Penrose B.L opinionNo Invoice for William Penrose B.L. or explanation of why his opinion was sought.

You did not seek our approval for John Dolan AuctioneerNo Invoice for John Dolan Auctioneer and breakdown of the fee he was paid was provided to us to date. As we recall the auctioneer John Dolan did advertise the auction extensively and I recall full and half page ads appeared in the local newspapers. We would argue that based on the amount of interest and bids made at the auction that these ads served no purpose other than to promote John Dolans Auctioneering service as a whole. To be honest a free mention in the local parish newsletter would have sufficed.

You did not seek our approval for Damien Hannigan & Company Limited Chartered Accountant, Mullingar. Why was he hired against our explicate wishes to oversee the accounts of Catherine O’Conner. He charged in my opinion an excessive fee of €8,751.45 which we consider to be extremely expensive and an unnecessary expense. Although he was hired to oversee the accounts his fee is in excess of Catherine O’Conner’s fee. John Glynn, Solicitor, Patrick Hogan & Co. did not put the Estate to the additional expense of hiring an additional Accountant so it begs the question why did you?

I fail to understand why you now require me to write you and confirm to you that we are not objecting to Patrick Hogan & Co. fees and direct you to pay same. I feel this has being dealt with adequately in previous correspondence as above and I fail to understand your logic as to why this is the only bill out of them all that you require us to approve.

It would appear that there is a personal axe to grind between your own good self and John Glynn, Solicitor, Patrick Hogan & Co. and you have no business drawing us into your personal battles between members of your own profession.

In our opinion it would be more befitting of you to write to each of the beneficiaries namely

It would appear that you Mr. Robert Marren delayed making the decision regarding Michael Gavin’s share in the farming profits and rightful share of the grant monies received from the Department of Agriculture until the very end with the draft distribution account that contained countless errors on 18thSeptember, 2014. Michael Gavin was lied to countless times and led to believe that he would be refunded at closing by some of the beneficiaries. Why did you Mr. Robert Marren make a decision around March 2013 to accept Michael Gavin’s claim to owning half the livestock and all the sheep? But yet for no logical reason refused to award him the net amount €xxx,xxx.11 due to Michael Gavin out of the Single Payment Entitlements representing my ½ share in the profits from farming the lands, which was also sent to you on the 5th of December, 2015 for your consideration. There is no good reason why you took advantage of Michael Gavin’s good nature and delayed his decision in this matter until the end.

You would have received a letter from Michael Gavin on 5th December, 2014 stating;

“If a fair allowance is not made on an agreed basis, I will not give my consent to any distribution account prepared by you. Similarly, my sisters will also have to agree before a distribution account can be finalised and a distribution effected. Accordingly you as Administrator will be unable to distribute the estate unless you can procure agreement between us and, if this agreement is not forthcoming, I am advised the only way you, as Administrator, can be protected is to go back into Court and get a Court Order directing how the estate can be distributed.”

However Mr. Marren you passed the book to us and demanded court proceedings to prevent the distribution in a short space of time over the Christmas period 2014-2015.

We believe that you Mr. Robert Marren should NOT have finalised the distribution without addressing our objections, and it appears you did same to avoid paying our €82,500 1/6 share of the land from action in isolation to the rest of the estate.

While it would appear that these are matters that can only be dealt with by the court if they cannot be resolved by agreement I believe it should be the Administrator who goes back into Court to get a Court Order directing how the estate can be distributed not the ELDERLY BENEFICIARIES.


It would also appear that Mr. Henry of Tormeys Solicitors, Athlone facilitated you Mr. Marren by not phoning you or writing you immediately as requested by John Glynn Solicitor, (14/01/2015 John Glynn Patrick Hogan & Co. to Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors, Athlone requesting him to ring and write a short letter to Mr. Marren immediately confirming that he would act in the matter in response to Marren’s threat to effect a distribution of the Estate.) nor did Mr. Henry of Tormeys Solicitors, Athlone inform us, so that we could engage another Solicitor to act on behalf of Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney.

We have difficulty understanding why Mr. Henry of Tormeys Solicitors, Athlone failed to respond to correspondence, including correspondence that was crucial and significant to us.

At a subsequent meeting with Mr. Henry after your closing he estimated that court proceedings to sue you could take up to 3 years with fees in the region of €60,000 to €100,000, and he suggested that I Michael Gavin should take my age (83) into consideration.

It would appear you allowed confusion to arise in relation to the exact disbursement of funds and showed a complete disregard for the interests of the beneficiaries, whom you, Mr. Robert Marren a Solicitor, knew to be ELDERLY, and by your conduct is depriving two of the ELDERLY beneficiaries, of the enjoyment of their share in the estate. You have also forced Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney to incur additional unnecessary expenses in drafting documents and letters time and time again to prove their claim.

Yours Faithfully

Michael Gavin

Please Support Michael Gavin Elderly 83 Year Old Irish Farmer by Signing Petition

New Year Resolutions

allcomplicit2 - Copy

My new years resolution is to expose each and every one of them because if we don’t their children will rob our children.

Currently I am receiving threatening phone calls from a person by the name of Lawrence McManus from Pettigo, Co. Donegal Mobile No 083 113 3608. He claims to be an appointed mediator. He is currently using the farm lands at Dundonnell. He has phoned me demanding the keys to the house and states by law he has the rights to the keys. He stated that he intends to sell the home in March 2019. He claimed to local person in a recorded phone conversation that all the family are in agreement to sell the home and he has filed signed agreement with the district courts. This is a lie as I did not sign any agreement with Lawrence McManus nor did I meet with him.

Their Solicitor Robert B Marren has ignored us numerous times when my late brother and I informed him that

We have also written the following to Marren and his Solicitor Peter D Jones and he has ignored us too.

I demand that you provide documentary evidence of the following:

  1. Invoice for Willie Penrose’s TD fee that the estate was charged for.
  2. Proof that Willie Penrose TD BL was in fact paid for his opinion.
  3. Correct invoice for Catherine O’Connor.
  4. Proof that you Robert B. Marren received €165,000 from Anne Sanford and Kathleen O’Keefe through their solicitor Tony Mc Lynn of T & N McLynn Solicitors Athlone to cover Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney’s 1/6 share from the land sale.
  5. Invoice for John Dolan Auctioneer Ballinasloe, Co. Galway
  6. Detailed bill of costs for your fee Robert B. Marren
  7. Detailed Bill of costs for T&N McLynn solicitors Athlone.

Provide answers to the following:

  1. Why Did you Robert B. Marren refuse to award Michael Gavin the grant money paid down from the dept. of Agriculture? I Mike Gavin am owed over €116,000 for 9 Years unpaid.
  2. Why did you Robert B. Marren hold on to the funds from the land sale for nearly 2 years?
  3. Why did you Robert B. Marren award me Elderly Michael Gavin and my widowed sister €12,500 plus interest less than what they were entitled to?
  4. Why did you Robert B. Marren deduct €3,500 from Eileen Linney for Animals she never owned?
  5. Why was no invoice provided for William Penrose’s TD BL opinion?
  6. Why did you Robert B. Marren hire an additional accountant Damien Hannigan 7 Oliver Plunkett St. Mullingar at a cost of €8,751.45 to oversee the Accounts?
  7. Why did you Robert B. Marren not provide the correct invoice for Accountant Catherine O’Connor?
  8. Why did you Mr. Robert B. Marren not provide a “Detailed Bill of Costs” for your fee of €40,892.53 you awarded to yourself?
  9. Why did you Robert B. Marren Solicitor consider the other beneficiaries to be your clients?
  10. Why did you Robert B. Marren distribute the estate assets in isolation to well-founded objections?
  11. Why did you Robert B. Marren refuse to take the well-founded objection to a Judge?
  12. Why did you Robert B. Marren threaten 2 of the elderly beneficiaries and coerce them to retain a solicitor to prevent you distributing the estate assets?
  13. Why did you Robert B. Marren distribute the estate assets speedily over the Christmas period 2014 in the knowledge that 2 of the beneficiaries were actively attempting to retain a solicitor to act on their behalf?
  14. Why did Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone fail to undertake the instructions given him through John Glynn Solicitors to prevent you Mr. Robert Marren closing in isolation to well-founded objections?
  15. Why did T & N McLynn Solicitors, Athlone summon (special)me Mike Gavin and Eileen Linney to the High Court attempting to sell my home along with the farm and failed after three days squandering estate assets with fees in the High Court?
  16. Why was no bill of costs provided for T & N McLynn Solicitors, Athlone, paid an amount of €38,941 a year prior to the distribution of the estate assets?
  17. Why do you Robert Marren refuse to provide answers to these and other questions?
  18. Why Have you Robert B. Marren retained Peter D. Jones  Mullingar State Solicitor to represent you?
  19. Why does Peter D. Jones THREATEN me Elderly Michael Gavin Not to PEACEFUL Protest outside your Solicitors Office?
  20. Why should we tolerate Financial Elder Abuse?

As I have advised you in previous correspondence from the date you received and have withheld funds from my widowed sister Eileen Linney and I an interest rate of 8% per Month is accruing to the benefit of our accounts plus expenses because of your failure to make good on our legitimate claim.

This File given to Garda Fraud

Pdf of Financial Elder Abuse Book






Financial Elder Abuse

Financial Elder Abuse Condoned by Solicitors and Politicians in Ireland


Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse
Name and Shame Campaign posters will be erected in the coming days to highlight the Financial #ElderAbuse Epidemic in Ireland. The Posters will name the #Solicitors and #Politicians who condone and Ignore this disease.

ROBBER Marren Solicitor Mullingar

Refused to award Michael Gavin the Grant monies paid down from the Dept of Agriculture, would not provide a bill of cost for his fee of over €40,000 he awarded to himself, squandered the Estate assets Read more about ROBBER Marren Here 

Peter PENALTY POINTS Jones State Solicitor Mullingar

Peter D Jones the state solicitor threatened Elder Michael Gavin and his family not to protest outside his clients office. That was the red flag that initiated protests outside Jones and Marrens Homes and Offices. Read more about Jones and his Penalty Points Here

Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone Solicitor

Failed to undertake the instructions given him through John Glynn Solicitors to prevent ROBBER B Marren closing in isolation to Michael Gavin’s well Founded Objections Read more on Tony Henry’s involvement including the BULLY BOY letter he wrote to Eileen Linney a Defenseless Widow who sough justice through the “Not Fit for Purpose” Lawless Society of Ireland.

Tony Mc Lynn T & N Mc Lynn Solicitors Athlone Solicitor

Tony & Niamh McLynn Summoned Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney to the High court in an attempt to sell the roof over his head along with the farm. Read more on Tony & #NiamhMcLynn

Law Society of Ireland

Tony Watson Law Society of Ireland found no fault in either Robber Marren or Tony Henry and when we send him further evidence on Willie Penrose he Threatened he would Block further emails.

Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse

Read 186 page file that was give to Grada FRAUD Squad

Condoned by Politicians

Willie Penrose TD BL BARRISTER 

What was his opinion, was he paid by ROBBER Marren? Why does Willie Penrose TD refuse to give a statement to Garda Fraud squad investigating the Financial Elder Abuse. Why was the registered letter sent to his office returned? WhY IS penrose above the law?

Read More on Penrose Here

Kevin Boxer Moran

Kevin Boxer MORON

Run with the Hare Hunt with the Hound Kevin Boxer Moran although he was supportive for a time finally told Michael Gavin and his widowed sister Eileen Linney ” Do NOT Call my Constituency Office ever Again or Ring His Office Girls again” Re Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse Case. Read


Robert Troy Block Tweets & Ignore us all you want but the “Truth prevails at all times”
Read More on #RobertTroy

Denis Naughten TD

At a meeting Denis Naughten Td told them it was against the constitution for him to get involved. Read More on #DenisNaughten

Michael Fitzmaurice

Michael FitzMaurice TD

#Michael Fitzmaurice TD came to visit Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney after 10pm 1 night. The first words out his mouth were that if anyone call him a “ROBBER” he would SUE them. Well we call a spade a spade Michael Fizmaurice. He also promise he would come out and “Stand with the people” protesting outside ROBBER Marrens Office he never ever did.

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Blessed Oscar Romero said The ones who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.

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The Law is as straight as a door jamb, its those that implements the law that are crooked.

Thank You very much.

Robert Troy Re-tweet

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Robert your Re-Tweet speaks volumes thank you for your support for my campaign for #Justice that originally started on July 8, 2015 when I was informed that Mr. Robert Marren, Solicitor your neighbor on Castle Street Mullingar refused to pay our family Solicitor his fee while we threaten to seek Justice through the law Society as he put it. Please click on this link to view our response to Mr. Rober Marren’s refusal to pay the fee of our family Solicitor and I believe you will get an idea of what we are dealing with.

While I do appreciate your offer to come to your office in Athlone to discuses the matter, I fail to see what use it would serve.

You see I believe with every bone in my body that a grave injustice has been served to my elder sister Eileen and I (83 years old) at the hands of the beneficiaries of the Estate and the Solicitors namely Robert Marren,  Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors, Athlone and T & N McLynn Solicitors, Athlone.

I believe that it is they that need to meet with you and explain their reason for treating my sister and I in the manner that they did.

There are numerous issues that need explaining including the following;

  1. Why was Willie Penrose TD BL not paid for his opinion when the Estate was charged for same?
  2. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar refuse to award me Michael Gavin the Grant monies paid down from the Department of Agriculture?
  3. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar refuse to pay me for time spent and services rendered in looking after the Estate animals?
  4. Why did T & N McLynn summon me to the high court in an attempt to sell the roof over my head?
  5. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar refuse to pay my sister and I the monies from the Auction of the lands immediately?
  6. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar pay us €12,500 each less that what we were due for the Land sale?
  7. Why did Robert Marren Solicitor Mullingar not go back to court when there were objections from the beneficiaries that could not be dealt with?
  8. Why did Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone not undertake the instructions given him by a Solicitor to prevent Marren closing in isolation to our well founded objections?
  9. Why was an additional accountant hired?
  10. Why did Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone write the letter he did to my sister Eileen?
  11. follow this link Bones of Contention for more.

I feel that the greatest help you can be to me at this time is to condemn this behavior which constitutes #ElderAbuse

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Michael Gavin






Please Support Michael Gavin Elderly 83 Year Old Irish Farmer by Signing Petition