Pages 144 to 148 Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin

The interview was recorded live on Sean Maugure’s Out of the Bag
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Sean Maguire – “The Department of Agriculture appointed you the
herd keeper for the animals and Mr. Robert Marren is the Solicitor.”

Michael Gavin – That’s Right That’s Right and HE CONFISCATED
THE GRANTS and probably he gave the money that was in the grants
over to them. I never got a shilling never got a shilling.

Sean Maguire – So they were pocketing the money that you should
have being getting

Michael Gavin – Your dead right Sean, dead right

Sean Maguire – So Mr. Robert Marren refused to award the monies
paid down from the department of Agriculture

Michael Gavin – Yeah Yes

Sean Maguire – and they were paid but who got them?

Michael Gavin – They were paid, they were paid

Sean Maguire – So this is corruption by Mr. Marren Solicitor.

Michael Gavin – Sure isn’t that Corruption Sean?

Sean Maguire – It is corruption

Michael Gavin – It is corruption

Sean Maguire – Its dreadful, it really is horrible, and Mr. Marren also
refused to pay your sister Eileen’s share of the proceeds from the land

Michael Gavin – That’s Right

Sean Maguire – From the Land Sale despite the fact that he (Marren)
had the same in his possession for nearly 2 years.

Michael Gavin – That’s Right

Sean Maguire – And then he (Marren) went on to, did he threaten you?

Michael Gavin – What?

Sean Maguire – It says, I’m reading up a little bit about it and it says
that he (Marren Solicitor) went on to threaten Michael and Eileen
that’s yourself and your sister

Michael Gavin – He did, he did

Eileen Linney – Mr. Robert Marren Solicitor refused to pay Michael
Gavin the Grant money that was paid down from the department of

Agriculture, and also for work done and services rendered, and
Michael is owed over €116,000 for 9 years minding the farm minding
the farm animals right.

Eileen Linney – Robert Marren Solicitor held onto the funds from the
land sale for over 2 years and then finally awarded Michael Gavin and
Myself €12,500 plus interest less that what we were entitled to.

Sean Maguire – Right

Eileen Linney – He (Marren) also withheld (ROBBED) €3,500 from
my amount for cattle I owned and that is incorrect because I never
owned any animals.

Now there were people that were not paid also. For instance Willie
Penrose TD was not paid for his opinion whilst the estate was charged
for same.

Robert Marren Solicitor Squandered the estate assets and hired an
additional Accountant at a cost of €8,750 when in fact there was
already another accountant who was quite capable of doing this work,
but this was an additional accountant he hired.

He also did not provide any detailed bill of costs for his own fee of over
€40,982 which he awarded to himself.

There was no bill of costs provided for T&N McLynn solicitors Athlone
and they were paid over €38,000

Sean Maguire – Wow,

Eileen Linney – T&N McLynn solicitors Athlone were paid a year
prior to closing.

Now I just like to say that prior to Mr. Marren closing it we wrote to
him trying to get our money because we were waiting so long to get our
share of the land sale and for my brother to get his amount of the grant
money for work done and services rendered and in the letter we wrote
to him we asked him to go to the court to find out exactly how the estate
should be divided up

and he wrote back and THREATENED US with
a letter stating that we should take proceedings against him get a
solicitor and take proceedings against him or he was closing on a
certain date, and that is the story about it.

Sean Maguire – So this is absolute corruption

Eileen Linney – Yes it is corruption and another thing I want to tell
you is we are having a peaceful protest this Friday outside Mr.

Marren’s office in Castle Street Mullingar and it will continue until our
demands are met which we are due.

Sean Maguire – It makes perfect sense and Well Done for standing up
to these corrupt shysters.

Pages 144 to 148 Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin

Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin

Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin

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