Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin Comments

Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin Comments


Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin Comments

Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin Comments

Financial Elder Abuse Book by Michael Gavin Comments

“Well written account of the injustice perpetrated against an innocent man
aided and abetted by the Irish legal profession to steal this elderly man’s
money from him. The solicitor should be charged and jailed.”

“This is a very sad case of an elderly man being cheated by the law. It’s
very detailed and definitely worth a read, cases like this abound in Ireland,
where people will behave in truly shameful manner where land is

“Shocking Corruption Exposed by Elderly Farmer. This is Rural Ireland
2015. You won’t see this on 6.01 News.”

Free PDF Financial Elder Abuse

Original Book on Amazon

New Colour Edition

Number 1 Book for Exposing Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse.

“To commit fraud is an offense in Ireland. But the prosecution for such
will depend very much on where you reside on the social scale #vinb”

“This story highlights the blue-shirt mentality of current regime. People
should read it and stand up against FG cowards and Bullies.”

“This type of practice is unacceptable and must undergo a radical
review and renewal. Irish people, be they farmers or academics (one
doesn’t exclude the other) trust these kind of professions to represent
their clients’ interests. In this case it seems like that trust was exploited
for personal gain.”

“This is Disgusting Travesty of Justice these Solicitors should be disbarred
from Practicing for this ABUSE of their Position they are Traitors to our
People Greedy disgusting Cretins who should be arrested & Jailed for their
terrible ABUSE of this Man! WE are watching from Afar & We promise
you we will get Justice for this Man!”

“This is the saddest story I have heard in all my fifteen years in
Ireland. it is sad because it predicts the future and yet no-one cares
because you are asleep. You Irish have made for yourself a bed of nails
through your gutlessness and apathy. And let hell skelp it into ye.”

“His estranged family will have no luck for this. Denying water and
shelter to someone is not part of our culture. What goes around comes
around I’ve seen it happen before, maybe not this generation but the next.
A curse on them.”

“Irish law society closed ranks apparently facilitating the denying of justice
to an elderly farmer.”

“Hi Mike I have just read the whole story from beginning to end an
utter disgrace very sad totally unjust . Can’t find the share button. I do
hope that things will go right for him. The expense so far is unreal”
“What else should be expected in Ireland today. The real issue is too many
have the attitude of I’m all right jack so f*** you”

“Cases like this one rely on secrecy, sharing on social media may deter
future fraud occurring within families regarding the beneficiaries of a will,
it’s far too common.”

“As an Irish American dealing with a case with similarities there is no
justice in this country for seniors…it should be reported in the media in the
states. I will be doing so, have Sean Hannity get involved on Fox news he
hates injustice!!”

“the mob in the legal world have no honour, respect or fairness its all about

“its a disgrace what has being done to this man and its theft ,,, so robert
marren should be charged with theft , and its shame on tony mclynn
solicitors for taking this case and for their huge fees they charged which is
also theft, corruption at its best under the law”

“The Lawless Society are hell bent on benefitting themselves through
legalised theft. Hiding themselves behind the Law and corrupting it, yet
they cannot be tried for their crimes, because they run the courts.”

Mairead Gallagher -How shocking.! This poor gentleman suffering as
a result of white collar corruption. The law Society are self-regulating
and all you can do is expose this into a public arena where they are
named and shamed! It’s a total travesty and hopefully this nasty
Solicitor will be exposed to such a degree where it cannot be ignored!
It’s the only way Society can change. These individuals have been
protected in the past, but they should not continue in being allowed to
be a self-regulating body. There should be an independent body / group
set up who monitors complaints made against these practising
Solicitors who engage in lies, fraud and corruption!.

Mike Real – The Solicitor Marren should have gone before a Judge
instead of squandering the Dept. of Agriculture Grants and favouring
the wishes of Michael Gavin’s devious sisters Kathleen o Keefe and
Anne Sanford.

Paul Lally – Its time to start executing solicitors barristers and
judges that flout the law and rob people of their hard earned money. If
any of the above steal 10,000 they should get jail, If any of the above
steal 100,000 they should be castrated first then jailed for life, If any
of the above steals land of an elderly man they should get instant death
by 1000 cuts. This is the law of my land I don’t know about yours.
Martha Higgins – This is disgraceful to do this to an old man. Take
away the license of the solicitor Marren, he’s corrupt!

Kieran Doherty – Every corrupt solicitor in this country should be

Podge Foley – Disgusting weasels.

Sean Simon – Solicitors steal all of the time We Are the Capital
Country of White Collar Crime why because its almost impossible to
prove and when it’s proven you don’t go to jail just give the money

Padraig Kelly – This should be investigated fully.

James Maidment – Solicitors are a crowd of gurriers, cheating
people out of money and as usual, dishonest thieving bastards.

Sandra Fitzgerald – I hate bullying and injustice.

Pam White – Disgraceful they must think themselves so superior to
everyone else.

Brian Coyle – Yes time to wise up, the one thing that scares them is the
truth .

Benedicte Morris – Greed is disgusting.

Cathy Russell – It’s a shocking story.

Lisa White – Best of luck Michael, sickening what the money men can
get away with in this country.

G Gallagher – It’s high time this so called Republic takes a stand for
the vulnerable.

Jeanette Campbell – This is all criminal !

Toni Hynes – It is so wrong. How dare that solicitor do what he has
and is still doing. He should be prosecuted and jailed for what he is
doing. He should be suspended from practising till this is sorted and
because of the age of Michael, it should be seen as urgent.

Pat Cannon – I am signing because I am sick of all the fraud that is
been perpetrated against the ordinary working class people of
Ireland by the so called ruling classes and especially the Judiciary /
legal profession.

Eileen Murphy – We need to be encourage in the face of any kind of
abuse. This desperately needs to be exposed.

Joseph O’Connell – Too much corruption in Ireland today that is from
the top down.

Marion Guinan – Elderly people have rights

Philip Kavanagh – I had dealings with incompetent and lying

Beverley Scott – The level of corruption in the UK and Ireland is
disgusting! It has to STOP

Oliver Stack – I’ve had the bad experience of dealing with a corrupt
solicitor in the past. I hate to see anyone else go through the same

Anne Marie Lankester – The law recognises Elder Abuse so it must
enable victims to seek redress and prosecute such fraudsters – or why
bother to create the law in the first place?

Damien Smith – White collar crime is still crime. The legal profession
have alot to answer for.

Marie Harper – I despise people being taken advantage of.

Spudser Dayid – A full investigation needs to be carried out by An
Garda Siochana into the behaviour of solicitor Robert B Marren

Ena Foley – These very crooked Solicitors must not be allowed to
defraud any more elderly people and behave like the crooks they really
are. Thinking themselves above the law and behaving like the criminals
most of them know they are. If they weren’t criminals in disguise they
would be the HUNTED.

Vincent Hughes – Dreadful behaviour of a solicitor who is disguised as
a crook.

Mary Frain – This is a shocking case of corruption on the part of
Solicitor in attempting to steal this family home!!

Yvonne Tierney – Justice needs to win out here and questions need

Anne Keown – Disgusted with the underhanded way this man’s home
is been dealt with.

Joseph Kennedy How sad that a once lovely country has become so

June mc Mahon – How dare the solicitor abuse the family that put trust
in them.

David Louks – So it is OK to steal from the elderly? This solicitor is a
not a solicitor. He is a thief and needs prosecuted.

Carmel Toner – Too many crooks in this business! Time they were all
held accountable.

Graham Morgan – Because we need to tackle any sort of corruption in

Tommy O Connor – Evil solicitors.

Tom Hutchinson – That’s yet another crooked solicitor’s ways
exposed. We all know there’s plenty more legal scum like him.

Elizabeth Davis – Corrupt people need to know they will be exposed
for the crooks they are

Edward b – The corruption in this country has to be stopped by the
Irish people for all the people and shameful to treat Michael in this

Frank McCaffrey – I am supporting this petition because these poor
people not getting any help and the worry and distress is not right

John Mooney – Corrupt legal system, not fit for purpose.

Linda Keneamly – Let’s finish the job and give the old man some
peace of mind.

Jennifer Duffy – This is elder abuse and they should not be allowed to
abuse their power as solicitor’s to think they are above the law.

Orla Douglas King – Day light robbery!!

Michael Hyland – Justice.

Phil Maher – Because all solicitor’s should be brought to account.

Mick Eccles – too many valid questions and no answers.

Bea O Neill – Justice needs to be done as soon as possible for this man
and his sister.

Fiona Ryan – Elder abuse is unacceptable.

Philomena Cornu – Because I Believe in Justice & Fair Play! I am
appalled at how this Rotten Corrupt Solicitor has been allowed to get
away with such Thievery as that is what it is Pure & simple! I Demand
Justice for Michael Gavin on Behalf if OUR PEOPLE POWER ABU!
JUSTICE & VICTORY OVER CORRUPT Irish Solicitor & Corrupt
Judiciary ABU!

Carmel Hoy – Shame on us for allowing our system to allow this to

Greg Doran – We need to prevent the on-going abuse of our people
and land.

Martin Davis – To get rid of this sham judicial the ROI.

Sandra Mccague – This corruption needs to be stopped

Theresa Shanahan – I’m sick of greed and corruption.

Alan Byrne – Praying on Our elder’s. Horrible.

Wolfe Moore – I believe a grave injustice has been done and am aware
of the regularity of same …

Bridget Kenny – This is unbelievable how can anyone treat our elderly
like this. They have worked all their lives.

Helen Mc cabe – I stand with justice for Michael Gavin.

Dilip Ingale – because of injustice fairness for all not Chosen get rid of
all greed

William Duke – Corruption of the highest order. Stamp it out. Pay the
man his dues.

Sarah Mulligan – Greedy lying thieves probably don’t believe they’ll
ever be put to Justice in This Rip off Ireland. Hope they’re proved
very wrong by the people off Ireland.

Mary Kelly Godley – It is important to highlight this as there are a
myriad of injustices going on in this country that involve often
Solicitors who are acting in very dubious ways. Elder abuse needs to be
stamped out but so too does abuse of power by some unsavoury
characters among the Irish Legal Profession. Drain the Swamp.

Helen P Power – Disgusting.

Denis Moynihan – This man is been cheated out of what is rightly
his. Why can’t the Government step in on this gentleman’s behalf.

Hannah Todd – He should be held to account for his actions. Taken to
court and imprisoned.

Majella Meade – Too many corrupt solicitors getting away with theft.

Hazel Robinson – It’s appalling in this day and age.

Tracy Poynton – It’s a sin to take from the poor to give to the greedy
but more important it was stolen from the poor and squandered for the
greedy give this man his money.

Kerrie Williams – The financial corruption in this country has got to
STOP!!! Everyone involved in this corruption WILL BE
DISCLOSED sooner or later!!!!


Tammy Harty – Because I think it’s disgusting how this man is made
feel respect goes along way.

Therese Huchinson – This man Deserves to get justice.

Lloyd Carroll – It’s the right thing to do.

Vera Twomey – We love our parents and older relatives and friends
they deserve respect as they worked hard all their lives.

David Cuffe – Corruption.

Melissa McKeague – The money was “just resting” in the account??
Talk about adding insult to injury– a disgrace to his profession!

Amy Mooney – also a victim of dirty dealing solicitors and the courts
system who colluded to kidnap my children along with social workers
and the police this country needs to change and I am behind true justice
every step of the way this is a utter disgrace xxx.

Michael 0’Sullivan – Justice should always be done.

Vernon Loughran – Don’t like bullies.

Charlie Cullen – I’m signing because I hate the way solicitors are
abusing their position and holding this country to ransom. They are a
disgrace to their profession!!!!

Margaret Flanagan – This is such a disgrace abuse at its best.

Fintan Callan – It a dictator country

Robbie Fallon – Ì am in full support.

Anna Harvey – It is a Disgrace what Robert Marren Has Done to
Michael Gavin he should be locked up for the rest of his life behind
bars as he is nothing but an Animal and a thief May he rot in HELL.

Sarah Mulligan – I’m an activist for the prevention of Elder Abuse.

Sue Byrne – I’m sick of people being ripped off between the
government, solicitors and barristers. Give this man what is owed to

Patricia Richardson – Because everyone that had anything to do with
Robbin this man should be in jail.

Catherine Kennedy – I’m sick and tired of corruption in our country.

Harry Price – I am aware of the dealings in the secret society of
Blackhall Place Dublin and the corruption to be found covered up

Patrick Mcshane – I hate thieves.

Bea O Neill – This is not acceptable in this day and age.

Mary Smyth – The corruption in this country has to be stopped.

Maire Ui Mhaolain – Protect the elderly.

Mary Sherry – I’m tired of the corruption in this country.

Kieran Doyle – Theft is theft simple.

Anne Smyth – I’m sick of the corruption in this country!

Donna Brennan – To highlight the corruption.

MIRIAM SHERRY – Mr Michael Gavin deserves justice starting with
Mrs Frances Fitzgerald The Law Society.

Martin Colfer – This form of abuse needs to be eliminated.

Columb Fogarty – I heard this man’s story.

Mary Furey – It’s about time this was stopped.

Frank Murray – Our judicial system is corrupt to the bone.

Susan Jackson – I can’t believe this is still going on.

Anthony mc Donald Mc Donald – We are all sick and tired of the
corruption in Irelands elite n political classes.

Sean Caughey – This is so wrong.

Shazie Brennan – Why let this corrupt, people get away doing this to
an elderly man, probably thought they get away with it, cause he’s
elderly, or hope he kicks the bucket no one will cop on thank God he
has some good friends to help him, spread this on the Internet, how
many more has this happen to we are unaware of good luck !!! Xx

William Moran – These guys seem to be the untouchables in our
Country for two long.

Ian Owen – it’s obvious.

Paddy Manning – This terrible injustice against an old man needs to be
put to right.

Anne Matthews – This is grossly unfair, and unjust. In fact, it’s
downright despicable, the way this man, and his family are being

Brian Lambert – Signing in Solidarity with 85 Year Old Michael

Catherine Mulhare – Justice for Michael Gavin fighting for justice at
his age strength to keep going, inspirational man, elderly abuse needs to
stop!! Michael Gavin needs to relax at his age not suffer this as unfair
& behind him 100 %.

Michael Mooney – Greed and corruption is widespread and will
continue to be covered up until you (and me included) decide to help
others to expose it.

Murth Hogan – I want those involved in white collar crime to be
brought to justice.

Linda Gallagher Farouk – I in my 11th year being harassed and
framed by Gardaí, judges & solicitors, I believe it’s time we all
exposed the corruption in Ireland. Either Ireland’s leaders or Justice
System does something about it, or God Willing, I will.

Jacinta Black – Disgraceful treatment.

Mick Morrissey from Co Waterford – “The professions are worse
than Dick Turpin ever was. Disgraceful behaviour meted out to this
poor man.”

Most Rev Dr Michael Desmond Hynes from Greenore, – “A very
very sad situation for Michael Gavin Herd Keeper.”

Johnny Keenan – “fair play to Michael, his family and friends for
standing up to these bullies. The suits need to be taken to the cleaners.
2016 is the year of the downtrodden. Good luck and up the rebels.”

John from Kinnegad – “This is a disgrace. Robbers in suits they
should be in jail.”

Liam Canavan from Co Kerry – “There are so many questions to be
answered in this case. I hope the protest around there is strong.”

Robert McEvoy from San Antonio, TX – “I have a similar letter from
the law society and I am waiting for the estate to be administered since
the death of the disponer on Oct 2013. I believe I was taken advantage
of because i live out of the country…”

Noreen Buckley from Ireland – “This is scandalous, all Solicitors
need to be investigated. Too many cases of elder abuse go undetected
through fear.”

Rob McGuirk from Dublin, – “Our country has become a black circus
lead by evil, greedy clowns. With continuous fight, and courage like by Michael Gavin there is still hope that being Irish cansomeday be something to be proud of again. Pay this man his money.”

James Manning from Shefford, United Kingdom – “Dear Michael I
live in England but have close personal ties to your part of the world
and the farming community there. I wish you every success in your
fight for a little justice in an increasingly sordid world.”

Jane Tyrrell Medical Secretary at St James Hospital, Balham,
London – This is diabolical For God’s sake the man is in his eighties
stop making what’s left of his life a misery He doesn’t need pen pushers
deciding what’s right for him let him stay in his home you greedy
family He’ll be dead soon because of you vultures and then you can do
what you like with the property You are all disgusting.

Joan Stringer from Pottstown, PA – “I support Michael Gavin and
stand behind him as a vital human being and an elderly man who
deserves his compensation!”

Noreen from Cavan, – “This type of practice is unacceptable and must
undergo a radical review and renewal. Irish people, be they farmers or
academics (one doesn’t exclude the other) trust these kind of
professions to represent their clients interests. In this case it seems like
that trust was exploited for personal gain.”

John O’Mahony from Dublin, – “Irish law society closed ranks
apparently facilitating the denying of justice to an elderly farmer.”
Stephen Gilgunn from Paris, France – “This situation needs to be
sorted now so this man can have some peace.”

Garrett David O’Mahony from Co Kerry – “The Law societys
former land and conveyancing solicitor is Fergus Appelbe Bandon Co
Cork. a convicted fraudster who forged documents. Google it. and
Google Colm Murphy Kenmare too. He fought the corrupt law society
and won.”

Janice Montalto from St. Petersburg, FL – “This elder should
absolutely receive the grant monies due him. And the 9 yrs back
payment that was stolen from him.”

Anne O Brien from Kenmare, – “Seems like terrible abuse of old
people by greedy legal people.”

Liz Keenan from Stockton, United Kingdom – “Think it is a disgrace
how Michael has been treated.”

Katherine Winters from Newry, United Kingdom – “Completely

Spudser Dayid from Co Cork, – “Stop Elder Abuse”.

Deirdre McNamara – “Some of these are clearly descendants of those
who stole the relief meal from the starving Irish during the Famine.”

Free PDF Financial Elder Abuse

Original Book on Amazon

New Colour Edition




Financial Elder Abuse

Financial Elder Abuse Condoned by Solicitors and Politicians in Ireland


Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse
Name and Shame Campaign posters will be erected in the coming days to highlight the Financial #ElderAbuse Epidemic in Ireland. The Posters will name the #Solicitors and #Politicians who condone and Ignore this disease.

ROBBER Marren Solicitor Mullingar

Refused to award Michael Gavin the Grant monies paid down from the Dept of Agriculture, would not provide a bill of cost for his fee of over €40,000 he awarded to himself, squandered the Estate assets Read more about ROBBER Marren Here 

Peter PENALTY POINTS Jones State Solicitor Mullingar

Peter D Jones the state solicitor threatened Elder Michael Gavin and his family not to protest outside his clients office. That was the red flag that initiated protests outside Jones and Marrens Homes and Offices. Read more about Jones and his Penalty Points Here

Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone Solicitor

Failed to undertake the instructions given him through John Glynn Solicitors to prevent ROBBER B Marren closing in isolation to Michael Gavin’s well Founded Objections Read more on Tony Henry’s involvement including the BULLY BOY letter he wrote to Eileen Linney a Defenseless Widow who sough justice through the “Not Fit for Purpose” Lawless Society of Ireland.

Tony Mc Lynn T & N Mc Lynn Solicitors Athlone Solicitor

Tony & Niamh McLynn Summoned Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney to the High court in an attempt to sell the roof over his head along with the farm. Read more on Tony & #NiamhMcLynn

Law Society of Ireland

Tony Watson Law Society of Ireland found no fault in either Robber Marren or Tony Henry and when we send him further evidence on Willie Penrose he Threatened he would Block further emails.

Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse

Read 186 page file that was give to Grada FRAUD Squad

Condoned by Politicians

Willie Penrose TD BL BARRISTER 

What was his opinion, was he paid by ROBBER Marren? Why does Willie Penrose TD refuse to give a statement to Garda Fraud squad investigating the Financial Elder Abuse. Why was the registered letter sent to his office returned? WhY IS penrose above the law?

Read More on Penrose Here

Kevin Boxer Moran

Kevin Boxer MORON

Run with the Hare Hunt with the Hound Kevin Boxer Moran although he was supportive for a time finally told Michael Gavin and his widowed sister Eileen Linney ” Do NOT Call my Constituency Office ever Again or Ring His Office Girls again” Re Solicitors Financial Elder Abuse Case. Read


Robert Troy Block Tweets & Ignore us all you want but the “Truth prevails at all times”
Read More on #RobertTroy

Denis Naughten TD

At a meeting Denis Naughten Td told them it was against the constitution for him to get involved. Read More on #DenisNaughten

Michael Fitzmaurice

Michael FitzMaurice TD

#Michael Fitzmaurice TD came to visit Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney after 10pm 1 night. The first words out his mouth were that if anyone call him a “ROBBER” he would SUE them. Well we call a spade a spade Michael Fizmaurice. He also promise he would come out and “Stand with the people” protesting outside ROBBER Marrens Office he never ever did.

#J4MG will be used to tag important posts

Blessed Oscar Romero said The ones who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.

Please take a moment to sign this petition For Michael Gavin RIP

The Law is as straight as a door jamb, its those that implements the law that are crooked.

Thank You very much.