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We wish to report a crime to the An Garda Síochána against Mr. Robert Marren Solicitor Castle Street, Mullingar and Mr. Tony Henry, Tormeys Solicitors Castle Street, Athlone.

The facts are as follows;

Mr Marren Solicitor held on to our funds €82,500 each received from the land sale of our late brothers estate for nearly 2 years despite our repeated request for same to be distributed to us.

The funds he did finally award us were €12,500 plus interest less than what we were each entitled to.

Mr. Marren refused to award Michael Gavin the Grant Moneys paid down from the Department of Agriculture and monies for minding the estate animals for 9 years and instead of taking the matter before a Judge as he was requested to do, he closed the estate speedily over the Christmas period of 2014.

Mr Tony Henry of Tormeys Solicitors Athlone facilitated Mr. Marren by not undertaking the instructions given him on our behalf through another Solicitor John Glynn, namely to contact Mr. Marren immediately and prevent him closing in isolation to our objections.

There are numerous other abnormalities in the accounting of the Estate funds including

  • Why was Willie Penrose TD BL not paid for his opinion when the Estate was charged for same?
  • Why was John Glynn Solicitor not paid over €84,000 plus.
  • Why was an additional accountant hired against our wishes at a cost of €8,751.45;
  • Why has Mr. Marren not provided a “detailed Bill of Costs” for the fees of €40,892.53 awarded to himself, as he stated he would.
  • Why were we not provided with a Bill of Cost for T & N McLynn, Solicitors, Athlone who we were informed was paid their handsome amount of €38,941.00 approximately a year prior closing.

We also take exception to the Bully Boy letter Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone recently sent to Eileen.

My brother and I feel a grave injustice has been dealt to us that constitutes Elder Financial Abuse of the highest order.

We request that An Garda Síochána conduct a thorough investigation of the matter.

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Please Support Michael Gavin Elderly 83 Year Old Irish Farmer by Signing Petition










One comment

  1. Susan wade · November 3, 2016

    This is disgusting!


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