Exposing Gormanston College Past Student for Solicitor Financial Elder Abuse


Exposing Gormanston College Past Student Robert B. Marren for Solicitor Financial Elder Abuse

I hereby inform you at #GormanstonCollege that I 85 Year Old Michael Gavin am a victim of Financial #ElderAbuse at the hands of one of your past students #RobertBMarren Solicitor Castle Street #Mullingar.
Robert B Marren deprived me the right to have my well-founded objections brought before a Judge. Marren confiscated over €116,000 Department of Agriculture grants, so I was tricked into working for nothing for over 9 years minding farm animals. 
My widowed sister and I were also shorted €12,500 plus interest from the sale of the lands at auction, not to mention money that was deducted from my sister for cattle she never owned any cattle in her life.
Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone did not undertaken the written and verbal instructions given him though another solicitor to take proceedings against Marren and make him go before a Judge to address my valid objections instead of playing GOD in the matter.
Tony Watson Law Society of Ireland would not reprimanded Marren and Henry. Instead Watson threatened to block my email correspondence when I questioned whether Willie Penrose TD was paid for his opinion. No invoice to date has being provided for Penrose although the estate of my late Brother was charged. I very much doubt Penrose had much if anything to say for himself to the trained fraud investigator who questioned him.
Peter D. JonesWestmeath State Solicitor (minus his penalty points) has not responded to the correspondence on behalf of his client Robert B Marren. Jones threatened me not to peaceful protest outside his client Marren’s office. Coincidentally the Garda Fraud squad missed getting me home the first time they called unannounced as I was already on the road to peaceful assembly protest outside Marren and Jones offices in Mullingar.
Linda Kirwan Solicitor from the Society of Ireland will not fit her purpose and reprimanded Penalty Points Jones State Solicitor for failing to answer the 20 questions I posed to him in regard to his client Robert B Marren’s administration of my late brother’s estate. Kirwan although she did send literature stating that by law a solicitor must provide a bill of costs to his client, she fails to enforce this law.
The Law is as Straight as a Door Jamb,It’s those that implements the Law that’s CROOKED
Have a Nice Day
Michael Gavin

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