New Year Resolutions

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My new years resolution is to expose each and every one of them because if we don’t their children will rob our children.

Currently I am receiving threatening phone calls from a person by the name of Lawrence McManus from Pettigo, Co. Donegal Mobile No 083 113 3608. He claims to be an appointed mediator. He is currently using the farm lands at Dundonnell. He has phoned me demanding the keys to the house and states by law he has the rights to the keys. He stated that he intends to sell the home in March 2019. He claimed to local person in a recorded phone conversation that all the family are in agreement to sell the home and he has filed signed agreement with the district courts. This is a lie as I did not sign any agreement with Lawrence McManus nor did I meet with him.

Their Solicitor Robert B Marren has ignored us numerous times when my late brother and I informed him that

We have also written the following to Marren and his Solicitor Peter D Jones and he has ignored us too.

I demand that you provide documentary evidence of the following:

  1. Invoice for Willie Penrose’s TD fee that the estate was charged for.
  2. Proof that Willie Penrose TD BL was in fact paid for his opinion.
  3. Correct invoice for Catherine O’Connor.
  4. Proof that you Robert B. Marren received €165,000 from Anne Sanford and Kathleen O’Keefe through their solicitor Tony Mc Lynn of T & N McLynn Solicitors Athlone to cover Michael Gavin and Eileen Linney’s 1/6 share from the land sale.
  5. Invoice for John Dolan Auctioneer Ballinasloe, Co. Galway
  6. Detailed bill of costs for your fee Robert B. Marren
  7. Detailed Bill of costs for T&N McLynn solicitors Athlone.

Provide answers to the following:

  1. Why Did you Robert B. Marren refuse to award Michael Gavin the grant money paid down from the dept. of Agriculture? I Mike Gavin am owed over €116,000 for 9 Years unpaid.
  2. Why did you Robert B. Marren hold on to the funds from the land sale for nearly 2 years?
  3. Why did you Robert B. Marren award me Elderly Michael Gavin and my widowed sister €12,500 plus interest less than what they were entitled to?
  4. Why did you Robert B. Marren deduct €3,500 from Eileen Linney for Animals she never owned?
  5. Why was no invoice provided for William Penrose’s TD BL opinion?
  6. Why did you Robert B. Marren hire an additional accountant Damien Hannigan 7 Oliver Plunkett St. Mullingar at a cost of €8,751.45 to oversee the Accounts?
  7. Why did you Robert B. Marren not provide the correct invoice for Accountant Catherine O’Connor?
  8. Why did you Mr. Robert B. Marren not provide a “Detailed Bill of Costs” for your fee of €40,892.53 you awarded to yourself?
  9. Why did you Robert B. Marren Solicitor consider the other beneficiaries to be your clients?
  10. Why did you Robert B. Marren distribute the estate assets in isolation to well-founded objections?
  11. Why did you Robert B. Marren refuse to take the well-founded objection to a Judge?
  12. Why did you Robert B. Marren threaten 2 of the elderly beneficiaries and coerce them to retain a solicitor to prevent you distributing the estate assets?
  13. Why did you Robert B. Marren distribute the estate assets speedily over the Christmas period 2014 in the knowledge that 2 of the beneficiaries were actively attempting to retain a solicitor to act on their behalf?
  14. Why did Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors Athlone fail to undertake the instructions given him through John Glynn Solicitors to prevent you Mr. Robert Marren closing in isolation to well-founded objections?
  15. Why did T & N McLynn Solicitors, Athlone summon (special)me Mike Gavin and Eileen Linney to the High Court attempting to sell my home along with the farm and failed after three days squandering estate assets with fees in the High Court?
  16. Why was no bill of costs provided for T & N McLynn Solicitors, Athlone, paid an amount of €38,941 a year prior to the distribution of the estate assets?
  17. Why do you Robert Marren refuse to provide answers to these and other questions?
  18. Why Have you Robert B. Marren retained Peter D. Jones  Mullingar State Solicitor to represent you?
  19. Why does Peter D. Jones THREATEN me Elderly Michael Gavin Not to PEACEFUL Protest outside your Solicitors Office?
  20. Why should we tolerate Financial Elder Abuse?

As I have advised you in previous correspondence from the date you received and have withheld funds from my widowed sister Eileen Linney and I an interest rate of 8% per Month is accruing to the benefit of our accounts plus expenses because of your failure to make good on our legitimate claim.

This File given to Garda Fraud

Pdf of Financial Elder Abuse Book







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